Fashionable Trendy Women’s Shorts of 2022

Fashionable Trendy Women’s Shorts of 2022

Shorts are one of the most popular and comfortable summer items. Although once this piece of clothing was more often found only in beach or tracksuits, today, shorts are sometimes even included in a business or festive looks. To choose the most relevant model, you should pay attention to the trends of 2022.

Main Trends:

The main task when choosing shorts is to take into account the features of the figure and the type of places where these shorts will be worn. Models for work or the cool season will be significantly different from beach or walking ones. Among the most trendy products of this season:

  • Sports;
  • Pajamas;
  • Leather;
  • Cargo;
  • Ultra-mini;
  • Short-skirt

The Most Current Types Of Shorts

The variety of shorts today is so great that even fashionistas who are afraid to include shorts in business or evening looks that are not so familiar to them can find a suitable option for themselves. Designers boldly offer new trends and even combine them with each other.

1. Sports

Sports models are great for any active activities. These shorts are suitable for almost everyone, in addition, it is convenient to move around in them. You can combine these shorts with sneakers as well as with loafers. Vogue suggests trying on this model with a crop top and jacket.

Cycling shorts can also be attributed to sports shorts, which have penetrated many styles in recent years. With their help, you can create both a frank and feminine look, and a casual look, combining them with a top, jacket and hat, or with a wide T-shirt and walking shoes.

2. Pajamas

In the summer heat, you can try on shorts that resemble pajamas. They are the perfect complement to a relaxed and feminine look. Shorts of this style are sewn from breathable natural materials. It is best to choose moderately free models of calm basic shades, or checkered and striped ones. Lace can serve as a decor. These can be bought from wholesale vogue accessories supplier.

3. Leather

Leather shorts are suitable not only for spring and autumn. Lighter summer options for such clothes can be worn to work or a party on a cool evening.

4. Ultramini

Along with elongated shorts, this summer you can also try on super-short options with different fit heights. They can be both tighter and tighter, and airy, great for holidays. Vogue offer an eccentric look of two pairs of shorts of different materials, worn on top of each other.

5. Cargo

Practical shorts with pockets combine style and comfort. Experts suggest wearing them with a crop top, shirts or sweatshirts. Sandals, rough sandals or sneakers are suitable for such shorts. Free models of white, beige, sand or gray colors are in the lead. In summer, you can wear linen shorts of this style. Dhgate has the complete collection of these shorts that you can order online.

6. Shorts-skirt

Combining the comfort of shorts and the attractiveness of a skirt will allow hybrid shorts with a smell in the front. Such an imitation of a skirt is held on with buttons or ties, making the outfit more interesting and mysterious.