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Who What Wear

I was the sort of kid who claimed to wish for an endless summer, but I secretly loved the weeks leading up to the first day of school. I mean, a whole new wardrobe? In the name of education? My mom and I would spend hours on end in big exciting stores like Macy’s, where we could find stylish pieces that we both had on our wish lists. I’d get new clothes to prepare for that first day back. My mom would also scoop up pieces for the new season, using my back-to-school wardrobe as the perfect excuse to update hers.

We’re not alone—there are two people, in particular, who are also here for a back-to-school shopping moment. My super-chic co-worker Rachel Zeilic and interior designer Jasmine Crockett are both moms of two and rank among the most stylish people in my feed. (Sidenote: I live for a good mom account.) I can always rely on these two to keep it real and look stylish even with an infant (or two) in tow. I tapped Rachel and Jasmine to get their expert shopping recommendations, from the trending clothing and accessories they’re currently coveting to the ridiculously cute outfits they’re buying for their little ones. If you want to see every item that’s hitting their Macy’s carts this month, just keep scrolling.

When I’m looking for positive family content, I know that I can type Jasmine Crockett into my Instagram search bar and find the exact mood boost that I need. Not only does she feature her adorable toddlers, but she also includes all the amazing products that she uses to make mom life easier. (Did I mention how beautiful her home is? Talk about goals.) A lot of these products come in the form of practical yet chic clothing that she and her little ones can wear while they tackle busy days. Macy’s has been a top destination for her lately, and I’ve been taking notes. 

If the category is effortless yet effective, then Jasmine definitely understood the assignment with this look. Taking Jasmine from morning appointments to evening soccer games, this jumpsuit does it all. The subtle wrap detail and ruffled sleeves add the perfect amount of flare. “The most important thing about dressing for summer with kids is for sure comfort,” Jasmine says. These heels are tall enough to elevate the look but short enough to serve as a comfortable option on a day of running errands. 

As seen on her Instagram, Jasmine is a big fan of matching with her daughter, so it was only right that a gingham set made its way into her Macy’s cart. These sets are easy, stylish, and comfortable, which are Jasmine’s priorities since her kids are always on the move. 

Floral dresses dominate the market and our closets during the summer, and there are a million reasons for that. But now I’m adding “mom approved” to that lengthy list. The light florals and fit-and-flare silhouette scream summer while also being the easy-to-throw-on dress that Jasmine needs for a packed schedule. “I can pair it with sneakers or sandals or heels and be able to attend children’s activities, school drop-offs, and work all on the same day in this one look,” Jasmine says. She added a crossbody bag to top off this back-to-school ensemble and hold the necessities, from snacks to business cards.

“It’s hot, and whether you’re spending the day at the pool or you’re on vacation, you always want to make sure that your kids are comfortable,” Jasmine says. Her picks for her son are the perfect blend of put-together and fun. He can enter the season with a wide variety of high-quality stylish options from Macy’s that he’ll wear on repeat, from galaxy shorts to printed shirts.

Rachel Zeilic truly does it all and always looks fabulous. Whether she’s on a stunning trip to Europe or hanging poolside with her toddlers, she’s never short of outfits that I want to re-create. Since we’re colleagues, I get to see Rachel in meetings about twice a week, which means I get the inside scoop on her life as a boy mom, which naturally comes with product recommendations (and adorable photos of her smiley babies). So this back-to-school season, I’m sharing some of her shopping picks with you below.

Nothing boosts your confidence quite like a power suit, and while it looks like Rachel spent all day carefully putting together this outfit, it is simply a no-brainer, easy outfit that has maximum impact. “Mentally, it helps me ‘get into character’ when I put on a suit and switch from mom mode to work mode,” she says. For the office, Rachel often opts for comfortable suits like this one from Macy’s because it’s soft and comfortable. It’s also made of linen, so it’s not too hot, and she can wear it year-round. Because comfort is always key, Rachel paired this chic suit with a mid-heel to add a polished touch and elongate her legs.

Rachel creates a bit of a “uniform” for her toddler so they don’t have to think too much in the morning. “Black (or navy if it suits their complexion better) doesn’t show the dirt, and denim is easy to wash. All the colors in between, as well as patterns, are harder to take care of, but sometimes it’s worth it, like this cute First Impressions set I chose from Macy’s,” she says. 

This look is a true reminder that back-to-school season is not just for the kids. As a mom of two, Rachel knows timing is the most important element when it comes to shopping for new ‘fits, so she buys a few new dresses at the start of the school year as opposed to waiting to shop for a specific event (pro tip). She follows a similar philosophy as she does for her office looks where she chooses what she calls a “wow dress” (the pink satin is jaw-dropping) that doesn’t require much accessorizing. “I also recommend learning a few quick, slicked-back hairdos because who has time to style their hair (or honestly even wash it sometimes) as a mom?” she says. 

“With the time I save on my toddler’s outfit, I invest some time into doing his hair nicely each morning,” Rachel says. And this Paul Mitchell hair gel is the perfect everyday styling product. (When we say Macy’s has endless options for everyone in your family, this is what we mean.) Although her 9-month-old baby isn’t technically going back to school, she takes the opportunity to find anything that is missing from his wardrobe while she’s already in the kids’ section shopping for her 3-year-old. In this case, he needed fresh jeans and sneakers for the new season.