What To Wear To A Funeral For Men | Michael 84

What To Wear To A Funeral For Men | Michael 84

What To Wear For A Funeral - Men's Outfit Guide

Going to a funeral is the last thing anyone wants to do, but it’s a sad fact of life that we’ll probably end up having to go to a few.

If you’ve never attended one, you may be asking, what do you wear to a funeral?

The last thing on your mind is probably thinking of what you have to wear, but if you’ve never been to one before you may be wondering how to dress for a funeral.

A funeral is not only the place to pay your last respects, it’s a place to show respect, and of course, dress respectively.

It’s not a place to show off your personal style, but the opposite, and you should be dressing how the occasion dictates, or how the friends or family have chosen if there’s a dress code.

Here’s what to wear to a funeral if you’re a guy.

Traditional Men’s Funeral Outfit

The usual and traditional funeral outfit for a man is:

  • Black Suit (Or Black Blazer/Jacket)
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Shoes
  • White Shirt
  • Black Tie

Men’s Attire For A Funeral

As we’ve already discussed, the traditional funeral clothing in the UK for men is a black suit, white shirt, black shoes and a black tie.

A memorial service is usually sombre and sad occasion, so you should adhere to this dress code and keep things simple and traditional, and not draw attention to yourself.

A suit does not necessarily need to be a full matching suit from a shop. A simple black pair of trousers with black jacket should be fine, if this is all you have.

It doesn’t need to be designer or  break the bank.

If you are a suit type of guy then you probably already own one, or you can invest in one which will come in for a number of different occasions.

When it comes to footwear you should wear smarter shoes, Oxford or Derby style formal shoes and not trainers. (Read The Guide on Men’s Shoes).

A plain white shirt and black tie will complete the outfit.

The colours should be dark. You may be able to wear a dark grey suit or very dark blue if that is all you have available, but black is usually preferable.

You should avoid bright colours and bold outfit choices, unless directed otherwise, see below.

You do not need anything fancy, dressy or showy, no bling cufflinks or accessories, and you can probably leave the pocket square at home too.

A traditional men’s funeral outfit is a black suit and tie with a white shirt and smart black shoes. This should be what you wear if you can, unless instructed otherwise.

What To Wear To A Funeral If You Don’t Have A Suit

If you’re going to a funeral and want to know what to wear if you don’t have a black suit suitable for mourning, you should still dress conservatively.

You should really get a black dress jacket or blazer, with black trousers, which can be bought for little money.

If that is still out of the question, you should keep things as simple as possible. Wearing a smart dark jacket which is preferably black and a smart, plain shirt.

As already said, if you have a dark grey suit and don’t or can’t get a black one, this should be acceptable.

Men's Suits For A Funeral

A Navy Suit

Can you wear a navy suit to a funeral? Yes and no.

If you have no other option, you could wear a navy suit or dark blue suit.

It’s important to make yourself look presentable, so if it’s the only suit you own and you can’t get another, it should be OK.

A Grey Suit

Can you wear a grey suit to a funeral? Yes and no.

Just like a navy suit, you should only wear a grey for mourning if it’s your only option. If you have navy and grey, you should opt for the darkest suit out of the two.

When it comes to blue and grey, there’s lots of shades of colours of suits. If black isn’t an option, you’ll want to go for the darkest alternative, which is likely to be charcoal grey or midnight blue.

The Right Shirt For A Funeral

Opt for a white shirt or a black shirt as an alternative

Opt for a white shirt or a black shirt as an alternative

When it comes to shirts for a funeral, a white shirt is the traditional item to wear.  This is one of the most basic pieces of clothing, so you’re sure to already have one.

It goes without saying that you should not substitute it for a T-shirt, a button up shirt is required.

A black shirt can also be acceptable, with both options being button up, plain and smart.

A Black Tie

Do you have to wear a tie to a funeral? You should wear a tie if you’re following proper funeral etiquette. A black tie and white shirt, along with the black suit is the classic attire for a funeral.

Wearing a tie will ensure you are following the usual dress code, and showing the right level of respect.

Follow The Dress Code

If you have not been told the attire, you should wear the traditional dress as above. However some people don’t want a sad and dark funeral, opting for an alternative.

Some may want people to be dressed a certain way, sometimes bright colours are requested, sometimes in their favourite colour, some may want to wear a flower.

Find out before hand if this is the case, and if you have not heard otherwise, then it’s probably more formal and traditional.

Funeral In Winter Advice - Wear An Overcoat

Dress For The Weather

Funerals can obviously happen any time of the year, and in all weather conditions.

If you are wearing a suit and it’s cold, you may want to wear an overcoat. This should keep you feeling warm and looking good and respectable. You can even add a dark scarf, if the weather dictates.

If it’s warm or hot in the Summer, a suit should still be worn, a shirt and tie without the jacket will not look very smart and breaks from tradition.

Accessories For A Funeral

There could be a need for accessories for your outfit, but these should be used as needed, and not for added style. This is a funeral after all.

In the summer you may need sunglasses. Choose a classic and discreet pair if you’re going to wear some. Classic Wayfarers and Aviators are two good choices.

If it’s cold or in the winter, a scarf could be worn. Once again it should be muted and understated, and usually dark in colour.

Other accessories such as tie bars, cufflinks and other jewellery should be kept plain, classic and simple. They are to complete the outfit, not to show off personal style.

There’s no need for any bling.

Can You Wear Jeans To A Funeral?

A note on jeans. You should not wear jeans to a funeral. But if it’s a last resort, you should wear solid dark jeans.

This would be the darkest blue in your wardrobe, or preferably black. But this is a last resort, and you should opt for black trousers rather than denim.

Where To Shop

There are plenty of shops on the high street and online to shop for the clothing you need.

If you’re in a hurry and shopping for menswear online, many offer next day delivery. But remember that buying online means you’ll not be able to try anything on (without sending it back and wasting time).

Some places which sell inexpensive suits if you are in need of one and don’t want to spend a lot. Here’s a small list of places where you can go.

Hopefully this will give you one less thing to worry about for the day. As always you can check out more style advice over here in the style blog for tips on how to dress for any occasion.

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Men’s Funeral Outfit

Ideas On What To Wear To A Funeral

Going for a traditional look means there are not too many options to worry about.

Wearing the simple black suit, white shirt, black tie and smart shoes will be the go to outfit for the vast majority of people attending a funeral.

How To Dress For A Funeral

  • Be respectful in your clothing choices
  • Stick to the traditions or dress code
  • Wear a black suit, other dark colours could be acceptable as a last resort
  • Wear smart black shoes and ensure that they’re clean
  • In Winter, it’s fine to wear a smart coat such as an overcoat over your suit

On That Note

A funeral and memorial service are places to dress respectively, and if you do that, you should be fine. It is not a dress code you’re likely to get wrong if you stick to the basics.

If you’re looking for advice on how to look your best the what to wear fashion guides are your place to go. It’s packed with style tips and advice on how to dress your best for all occasions.