This Sweat-Proof Brow Gel Will Be Your Best Friend This Summer

This Sweat-Proof Brow Gel Will Be Your Best Friend This Summer

During summertime, I tend to rely on my two-minute face: a healthy layer of tinted sunscreen, a quick dab of concealer under my eyes, a swipe of lip gloss, and of course, a well-groomed brow. After all, they are the frame of the face, and taking an extra few seconds to brush unruly hairs into place (I also have to fill in my arches) can make all the difference. It’s that effortless, “she looks natural but polished” effect, and it’s ideal in the summer when you want to minimize time at your bathroom vanity and maximize time outdoors, on vacation or just simply having fun. One of my favorite brow gels is Grande Cosmetics GrandeBROW-FILL—here’s why it’s so good.

The Benefits:

What makes it so unique and effective is that it works double-duty, locking every tiny little hair in place while also conditioning them with peptides so they look healthier over time. The formula is actually infused with volumizing mini fibers that make fine hairs look fuller, too. I have blonde hair and sparse arches, so I typically lean toward the tinted version in the lightest shade, but when my brows are looking shapely and I just want them to stay in place (no extra color), the clear one gets the job done right.

Another perk: it doesn’t flake—I promise. And lastly, the formula is water-resistant and it’s stayed on while I’ve been sweating on the beach, taking a dip in the pool or doing hot yoga, so I’d say it’s a summertime staple all-around. In a consumer study, 100 percent of users said GrandeBROW-FILL set their brow hairs in place, filled in sparse areas (the tinted versions) and made their brows look natural.

Key Ingredients:

Peptides (myristoyl pentapeptide-17)

What It’s Free From:

Parabens and fragrances

How to Use It:

The applicator is a tiny mascara wand—I like to call these types of brow gels “brow mascaras”—that lets you brush, style and apply simultaneously.

What It Feels Like:

My brows do get the slightest bit stiff, as with all good brow gels (that’s the point), but not crunchy-stiff, and not to the point where you can see the gel hardened on the brows (a big no-no).

What It Smells Like:


The Bottom Line:

Whether you have naturally full brows and you want them to look polished and groomed, or you have sparse arches like me that need filling and you also like a bolder look, keep this brow gel in your beauty lineup.

Price/Where to Buy:


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