This Skincare Trend Actually Started In Ancient China — And It’s Lizzo Approved

This Skincare Trend Actually Started In Ancient China — And It’s Lizzo Approved

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The key to any successful skincare routine is having the right tools for the job. This essential skin care tool originated in China and is known for its massaging anti-aging effects. Although it has been used for centuries to achieve a healthy and youthful glow, it’s just now getting some well-deserved mainstream attention. Even celebrities like Lizzo can’t get enough.

A collection of skincare tools.

When used as a night or morning skincare step, this relaxing gua sha roller helps promote a healthy glow by improving blood circulation and reducing wrinkles. You can even place the jade roller in the fridge for extra cooling and relaxation. By using it every morning in your skincare routine, this ultra-cooling facial tool can decrease eye puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage.

The Sdara jade roller is a go-to product for cooling, brightening and tightening the skin. You’ll quickly achieve a slimmer and more sculpted look. Just roll the tool over your skin a few times and you’ll begin to see effective results. Just apply a serum after and you’re ready to go!

This package even comes with a gua sha stone to help apply serum to the face, so you can save money on expensive facial visits. Simply hold the stone flat against your skin and apply light pressure for an even application. This facial pick-me-up allows for smooth and squeak-free rolling. It’s like yoga for the face.

Treat your skin to a calming and soothing experience. For just around $12 on Amazon, you can enjoy a spa-like facial right from your home.

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