This Father’s Day, Let’s Celebrate the Dads We’ve Lost – Cliché Magazine

This Father’s Day, Let’s Celebrate the Dads We’ve Lost – Cliché Magazine

Famous Dads Celebrating Their FIRST Father’s Day!

In the past week, my inbox has been filled with subject lines like:
Dad would love a gift card
We’ve got Father’s Day covered
Who’s your daddy?
Give Dad the day he deserves
Father’s Day is nearly here
I didn’t need the reminders. Since my dad died in 2019, Father’s Day has loomed over me like the dark cloud that grief so often is. Come June 1, I feel it inching closer as I worry about how I’ll feel, what I’ll do and what people will say.

Recently, a friend asked how to acknowledge Father’s Day with me. Do I want an “I’m thinking of you” text? Do I want them to sit on the couch and watch my dad’s favorite movies? Do I want to be left alone?

And while I used to lean toward the latter—keeping to myself and staying off Instagram—in recent years, I’ve reclaimed Father’s Day. I decided that if other people are out toasting their dad over brunch, there’s no reason I can’t do the same.

After all, it’s a day of celebration, whether my dad is here or not. On Father’s Day, I want to remember him as the person he was and not as a man who died. I want to eat his favorite pickles, smile thinking about the time he bought balloons because I said I scored a goal in lacrosse (spoiler: I didn’t) and cringe at his favorite “joke”: If Mia Hamm married the Earl of Sandwich,

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