These Gifts Will Make You Your Mom’s Favorite Child

These Gifts Will Make You Your Mom’s Favorite Child

Coming up with the best gifts for mom may be one of the toughest tasks — but it’s not impossible. Yes, your motherly figure may have been satisfied with the macaroni sculptors and socks of years past, but this holiday season, why not treat her to a more elevated present that she’ll truly treasure? The perfect gift doesn’t have to be anything expensive either. To come up with a few holiday gift ideas, simply think about your mom’s lifestyle: What does she like, and more importantly, what does she not like? Once you figure that out, along with your budget, finding a thoughtful gift should be smooth sailing from here on out — as long as you don’t wait until the last minute to shop, of course.

For instance, if your mom loves styling her hair, why not get her a nifty blowout brush or cordless hair tool? Or, if your mom is someone who always pampers her skin, a sculpting microcurrent device is an excellent idea that shows you pay attention to all the little details about her. Whatever it is that makes your mom unique, use that as your starting point and it won’t steer you wrong.

Speaking of which, to send you in the right direction, we took the liberty of compiling a slew of gift ideas for every type of amazing mom and mother figure out there. Ahead, find 21 Allure-approved picks that will put a smile on your mama’s (or aunt’s, in-law’s, a best friend who just became a new mom’s, etc.) face this holiday season.

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