The Barbiecore Breakdown: From How to Wear It, as Seen on Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Lance Gross and More to Beauty Trends and Accessories

The Barbiecore Breakdown: From How to Wear It, as Seen on Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, Lance Gross and More to Beauty Trends and Accessories

With a release date slated for 2023, the long awaited Barbie movie is nigh and pop culture has already adopted all pink, life-in-plastic aesthetics into our daily lives! This mainstream comeback is thanks to design houses like Valentino for their signature Pantone shade of Piccioli Pink, Moschino for their campy aesthetics, Balmain for their collaboration with Barbie earlier this year and other brands like Versace, Balenciaga and Prada for including hot pink hues into their latest collections.

Photo of Anne Hathaway in Valentino: Getty Images

Some of us, however, are still figuring out how to navigate this fashion movement and need a little style guidance. Not to worry, Fashion Bomb Daily has come up with a few tips and a short breakdown of what Barbiecore means and looks like in 2022 and how you can achieve the look the right way!

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How to wear it

If you’re ever wondering how to wear trendy Barbie styles that have the internet in a total frenzy, look no further than the one that has been doing it since day once, Miss. Nicki Minaj herself! Whether it’s her pink hair, pink lipstick, pink nails, pink clothes or her iconic Barbie chain, you are bound to find Barbiecore style inspo just by typing her name in a Google search. The new age barbie aesthetic really is all about the color pink as well as a dash of occasional bling! So as long as your steer within those style measures, you’re right on trend and the rest is about finesse.

Photo: Robert Ector

A touch of denim never hurt nobody either! It’s a classic Barbie look and an easy way to switch it up from the monogram when need be. Doja Cat did it well in her Cynthia costume, and Blac Chyna made it her own by going full denim with pink hair.

Photo: Jacob Webster
Photo: Joseph Ford

Complimentary colors are another way to refresh your pink on pink on pink Barbie looks. Orange, red, green, black or white are good colours to use when breaking it up and color blocking. Coi Leray colorblocked her look by pairing a Poster Girl mesh outfit with patent leather GCDS Fang Boots, and Laura Govan achieved the same wearing a pink and orange Oyemwen set available at the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop.

Photo: IG/Reproduction
Photo: IG/Reproduction

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Let’s not forget, Barbiecore is for boys too! We’ve got a full style guide on how the men can incorporate pink into their wardrobes and look good while doing it. Click here to get the full scoop!

Photo: Clay Bailey

If you’re still trying to ease into the trend or have the Barbie clothes locked and loaded but are still in need of matching accessories to go with, we’ve got the cheat code for that too, and it’s all in the details:

Image of Louboutin’s Hot Chick pump and Louis Vuitton’s Petit Malle : IG/Reproduction @panthere_instyle

Remember, it’s not just about pink when we’re talking 2022 Barbie. More is more, so add that sparkle, shimmer and glimmer to your bag, shoe or jewelry for maximal impact.

Photo of Prada Crystal Platform Heels in hot pink: IG/Reproduction @closet_styled_byme

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There are many ways and many shades to play around with when adding that dash of pink to your Barbie inspired looks. Hair, as we’ve seen thanks to Nicki and Black Chyna, is an effective and fun way to go! Lizzo’s hairstylist Shelby Swain opted for fuchsia rather than bubblegum pink, and the impact is undeniable. Don’t be afraid to choose shades of pink that may suit your style, outfit or complexion better!

Photo: IG/Reproduction

The same goes for those pretty in pink makeup trends! Be bold with the graphic liner and the lipstick, and select the right hue for you. Cardi’s MUA Erika Lapearl nailed this look in every way!

Photo: IG/Reproduction

Bringing it back to the details, Barbie nails are crazy nails! They are bright, mismatched, long and so much fun. Live your best life and go all out with your manis.

Photo: IG/Reproduction @sacciadidthat
Photo: IG/Reproduction @artdecom

What do you think? Will you be participating in the Barbiecore craze?

Main Image: IG/Reproduction, Robert Ector