The 10 Best Boat Shoes for Guys This Summer | Style Girlfriend

The 10 Best Boat Shoes for Guys This Summer | Style Girlfriend

The 10 Best Boat Shoes For Guys This Summer

When sneakers just won’t do

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By Style Girlfriend | Last Updated: Jun 9 2022

best boat shoes for guys

That’s right. We’re back on our boat shoe bullsh*t.

Sorry not sorry!

The weather went from meh to mediterranean basically overnight, and now all we want to do is sip one of those drinks with the little umbrella in them. And y’know what pairs perfectly with tropical drinks? Casual footwear. Sometimes sandals, sure, but now always!

If you have a physical aversion to boat shoes, we want to be understanding, but also…it’s hard because boat shoes are great!

They’re versatile. They look better with age, and they’re crazy-comfortable! What’s not to love?

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pairs that are perfect for the warm weather weekends ahead.

Below, the 10 best boat shoes for guys:

the best boat shoes for guys

SG Says: When it comes to the best boat shoes for guys, Sperry is obviously top of mind.

After all, they’re the OG! If you’re going to get just one pair, make it these.

SG Says: We like how the smooth suede elevates the boat shoe into something more sophisticated. You get the feel of seafaring footwear, while the overall vibe is a little more refined. The best of both worlds!

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SG Says: Yes, Clarks is responsible for the SG HQ hall of famer desert boot, but that doesn’t mean they can’t branch out!

The Durleigh Sail style comes in the great maple suede above, as well as navy.

Knowing how well Clarks constructs its footwear, if you invest in a pair now, you’ll be wearing it on land and at sea for years to come.

SG Says: If you’re into a classic boat shoe, this pair from Barbour might be right for you.

The dark colors and sturdy construction could turn any skeptic into a boat shoe aficionado.

SG Says: These boat shoes from Polo Ralph Lauren look like an ’80s throwback…in a good way, obviously (or we wouldn’t be recommending them). Like something the dad in Alf would wear on the weekends.

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SG Says: If you’re looking to lean into the nautical vibes of a boat shoe, you could do worse than picking up a pair in navy.

The white laces, stitching, and sole don’t hurt the “out to sea” aesthetic either.

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SG Says: This brown color block pair from Sebago—featuring a round toe and textured tread—makes for a great everyday option in your summer wardrobe.

SG Says: A navy textured leather boat shoe is a staple for every guy’s wardrobe. Personally, we think this classic is super fresh and fun.

SG Says: This durable-looking boat shoe from Topman rings up under sixty dollars, making it a great option if you want to devote more of your summer budget to pool floaties, not your warm weather wardrobe.

SG Says: If Sperrys are the boat shoe OG, Sebago comes in a close second. This slip-on style features luxe-looking lace stitching and a non-scuffing outsole.


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