Taraji P. Henson’s Hip Tattoos Were the Star of All Her BET Awards Looks

Taraji P. Henson’s Hip Tattoos Were the Star of All Her BET Awards Looks

We at Allure are big fans of celebrities who genuinely love the process of doing hair, makeup, and nails — and Taraji P. Henson fits that bill. Not only does the actor and BET Awards host have her own haircare line, she also became quite good at nail art during COVID lockdowns. 

So it’s no surprise that Henson goes all out for red carpets, especially during the July 26 red carpet. Her multiple quick changes mean we get to gaze upon many different looks, a fact that we’ll happily take. Each one was different, but there was a pleasantly surprising consistency: multiple outfits showed off Henson’s hip tattoos. And we love to see it. 

Henson worked with hairstylist Tym Wallace and makeup artist Saisha Beecham for the evening, and the team gave us no shortage of breathtaking beauty moments. 

Look 1: Extra-Long Ponytail


You have to go big for the first appearance, and Henson’s glam squad sure did deliver. We’ve seen some long ponytails in our time, but this one might be a record, as it appears to hit around knee-length. Fun fact: it was actually 45 inches long. Paired with a power red lipstick and bronze nails, Henson sure knows that this is how you start a party. 

According to Wallace, the extensions come courtesy of Hair So Fab. “Taraji’s red carpet look is inspired by timeless beauty with a little bit of Rihanna,” Wallace tells Allure. “She wanted to feel sexy, so I created a sleek, side swept low ponytail.”