Summer Skincare Essentials ft Bio Oil

Summer Skincare Essentials ft Bio Oil

I still remember when I was pregnant, almost everyone told me to use Bio Oil (one of the most used oil in India to prevent stretch marks!). Being a blogger, I already had so many products to try that i did not get it. Recently I got a chance to try variety of Bio Oil products* and to my surprise I was really amazed by their results. I would not say it is very hot in Bangalore but yes most afternoons are quite hot and for me moisturizing skin is essential in all seasons.

So here the summer essentials that may consider including in your skincare regime:

Bio Oil Skincare Oil Natural for Face Rs 590 for 60ml BUY BIO OIL SKINCARE ONLINE

Before starting my experience with the product, I would like to tell that I really love the bottle of the of the Bio Oil. It just look so appealing to the eyes with bright yellow and orange color oil. The natural version of the Bio oil is yellow in color with no fragrance. The consistency of the oil is neither very thick nor very thin. i use it on my face and it gets absorbed with nice massage. I use it at bedtime as my facial oil and i have been happy with the results. it makes skin healthy, clear and moisturized. i wake up with a soft and healthy skin with no breakouts. I would not say it did wonders to my skin ( I have been using it since 10 days!) and yes i can definitely see noticeable difference in my acne scars. Thankfully it did not breakout my acne prone skin.

It can also be used as a body oil but I use this one as my facial oil! It is used to reduce scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and to improve ageing and dehydrated skin. I absolutely loved this oil and would highly recommend it to everyone irrespective of the skin type! 

Bio Oil Skincare Oil Rs 490 for 60ml BUY ONLINE

This is the basic and original version of Bio Oil. It is orange in color with a refreshing fragrance. I still have slight stretch marks on my tummy and I am using it everyday post shower. It keeps the skin hydrated and soft. I also love using it as a body oil once a week. I have this habit of applying body oil once a week in all seasons to keep skin moisturized and wrinkle free. With Bangalore’s hard water, my skin turned desert dry but with regular care it has now turned normal 🙂 Bio Oil also helps in reducing scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and improve ageing and dehydrated skin. Though it can also be used on face but i would suggest the natural version to be used on face to prevents breakouts.

One of my friends used Bio Oil in her pregnancy and she does not have stretch marks so yes it works!

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel Rs 299 for 50ml BUY ONLINE

I was initially confused on how to use it. It has gel consistency with a bit oily feel to it. It is pretty pink in color with light fragrance. I once tried it on my face and it tuned out to be very oily but works amazingly on my body. I also use it as a hand cream and loved how soft and healthy my hands feel the next day. I have combination but but it works very well on my cousin’s dry skin. If you have dry skin you can try it out as a night gel. 

All in all, I loved all the 3 products of Bio Oil. They suited my face and body skin and haven’t faced any adverse effects whilst using it. Even if the summer is at the peak, please make sure you hydrate your skin really well by applying Bio Oil Skincare Oils and if you have very dry skin then i am sure you would love Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel.

Have you tried Bio Oil? How was your experience? Share in the comments below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of  💓!