Styling Your Wardrobe After Forty

Styling Your Wardrobe After Forty


Styling Your Wardrobe After Forty, Barbies Beauty Bits

Tips To Styling Your Wardrobe After Forty, With Barbie’s Beauty Bits.

Are you a beauty in your 40s and you are looking for guidance on styling your wardrobe after forty? Well, fret no more, as Barbie’s Beauty Bits is here to help you to look fashionable and fabulous in your forties!

Beauty after forty fashion can be brutal as many at this age seem to hold on to past fashion trends as it makes them still feel young! And it is not surprising why!

Often, mature women feel hopeless about looking stylish in their middle years because society pushes a negative narrative about mature women. From greying hair, weight gain, and wrinkles to feeling hopeless about still looking fashionable in their middle years.

But not any longer. With the styling tips mentioned in this article, you can now feel good by leveling up your fashion game and looking drop-dead gorgeous in every outfit in your forties! So let’s get started!

Know Your Body Style
With Instagram and other social media, we are often tempted to try the latest new trends, but most of us are not shaped like we were in our twenties.

For women over 40, finding something that flatters your body type is the key to looking fashionable, not like you borrowed your daughter’s outfit.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Clothing
While we are all tempted to take advantage of that deal, the expression you get what you pay for is always true. You want to avoid cheap-looking fabrics. Hence Forever 21 and some Amazon shops are probably not the place for beauties over forty. Aside from not lasting, poorly made clothes do not flatter.

To up your sense of style, treat yourself to high-quality fabrics like good cotton, silk, wool, and linen for summer and cashmere for winter.


Look For Versatile Clothing Along With Statement Pieces When Styling In Your 40’s
In my younger years, I just bought to buy. But for fashion shopping in our 40s, we need to plan. This is why I like versatile pieces in solid colors that I wear in several ways.

For instance, that little black dress you can dress down or up. Or that blazer you can wear with your favorite dark denim jeans or that white shirt that can be layered, tucked, or worn out. These fabulous pieces of clothing work great to help create that capsule wardrobe.

And don’t forget those statement pieces for that special occasion. I know I have a few cocktail dresses for events like a New Years’ Eve Party or captains dinner for that vacation dream cruise at the last minute – You always need to be party-ready.

Get Your Balance Proportions In Check
There’s a concept called Rule of Thirds that will help us ladies over forty style more flattering outfits almost instantly. No matter how cute the individual pieces are, if the proportion of your outfit is off, it may look frumpy or unflattering. This is why you need to compensate for your wardrobe.

In the words of Coco Chanel: “Fashion is architecture; it is proportion.” An unbalanced ratio is engaging and interesting, while a balanced ratio is dull and boring.

When in your forties and shopping for the perfect wardrobe. You need to think of creating outfits in thirds rather than just a top and bottom.

The process can be accomplished in many ways. You want to combine a long and shorter garment instead of two identical items.

For example, a flowy or graceful blouse looks impressive with a form-fitting pencil skirt, but it might look shapeless or baggy when paired with loose-fit trousers. Simply put, you need to find that balance of power! Doing so will help you feel confident. 


Invest In A Good Bra
Many of you may think I’m the only one who sees my bra, so what makes the difference? The truth is a great-fitting bra is essential to
both your physical and mental health. From proper posture to helping
you feel comfortable in your own skin. When you find a bra that flatters
and fits, it will show all the way around!

Own A Statement Jacket
timeless staple item in my closet is a statement jacket. The goal is to
wear a statement jacket that fits you perfectly, like a black leather
jacket, an iconic camel trench, or something cropped or tailored like a
navy blazer.

Don’t Be Afraid To Evolve Your Fashion In Your Forties
Just like you, your style will continue to evolve. Toss out those mom jeans or, worse, those junior sale items you settled for when putting the kids first. As you are in your forties, so find your sense of self and rock it!

When it comes to dressing yourself, you should think about it as an expression of who you are, your mood, and your vibe. But remember, your personal style is something that you should constantly improve, tweak, or change.


Invest In A Designer Handbag
So now that you have it all together when it comes to style in your forties, it’s time to claim what you deserve. A designer handbag that is as wonderful as you are! Plus, you’ve worked hard, so why not reap some of the dividends in your 40s with a classic designer bag?

There is a reason people love Coach bags; they last a lifetime and are a true classic. So feel free to get one. We won’t tell! Heck, you can even mix and match with some wallets.  

As you can see, there are many options for styling your wardrobe after 40 to look fierce, fabulous, fashionable, and forty! Until next time!