Sisley Soir D’Orient Review

Sisley Soir D’Orient Review

TextSisley Soir d’Orient – I wear this when I want to be transported to some place fancy. This is black-tie attire, sparkling crystal, shimmering opulence and luxury in a bottle.

Rich and opulent, Soir d’Orient is a chypre perfume that opens with beautiful aromatic rose and geranium, and has a dark cool patchouli in its base. It’s one that has an intense projection when you first spray it, but becomes a skin scent after a couple of hours. I love the mossiness in its base. This weekend, my sister wore this too, and it’s so interesting smelling this from afar compared to how I smell it on myself. She wore 2 sprays each time, and I could smell it coming out of her room, so the initial projection with this is pretty strong. It definitely fills the room.

That and the fact that it is so opulent makes me think of this as the perfect going out scent. Maybe not for a restaurant, but definitely for a gathering or a party. Not to say that you couldn’t wear it at home, which is what I did last year when we were in the middle of one of our many lockdowns. I initially bought this because I love Sisley Eau du Soir, but I wanted something with rose in it. I was going through a phase where I was enamoured with the chypre fragrances in my collection because of their mossy earthy kind of base. The Turkish rose and spicy saffron are additions that make this an interesting flanker that’s not a flanker. Have you seen the movie Murder on the Nile?

I feel like I’d be wearing this if I was on that boat…

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