Siena Agudong of ‘Resident Evil’ Shares Her Best Free Beauty Advice and the Ultimate Vaseline-Lash Hack

Siena Agudong of ‘Resident Evil’ Shares Her Best Free Beauty Advice and the Ultimate Vaseline-Lash Hack

With a big role as Billie in Netflix’s current top-trending Resident Evil series and a big move to New York this fall to attend NYU, Siena Agudong is having a very good summer. Besides making the shift to get more serious about sunscreen, she also has a very curated skin-care collection, which she sat down with us to chat about.

What are some of your current beauty favorites?

“Recently, I have been really into SkinCeuticals tinted sunscreen and Discoloration Defense, Olaplex’s Bonding Oil and Bond Smoothie, Herbivore Resurfacing Mask and Coco and Eve’s tanning kit. I bring these products along with me every time I travel, and they consistently make me feel much more confident in myself!”

Are there any beauty tricks you’ve picked up from co-stars along the way?

“I am not sure who I got this tip from, but I always put Vaseline on my eyelashes and lips before bed. I feel like this has strengthened my lashes while also making my lips look and feel hydrated. In addition to this, my hair and makeup team always tell me to always double wash my face after applying any makeup to prevent breakouts!”

What is the best free beauty advice you’ve ever received?

“Adeline Rudolph said something that stuck with me and has changed my perspective on beauty. While filming Resident Evil, I had breakouts often and I was feeling insecure about my acne scarring. One night, I opened up to Adeline and she ended up taking me to her bathroom mirror. We both looked at ourselves and then she told me that even though my acne felt like it was ‘obvious’ or ‘distracting,’ it didn’t define my beauty. She made me realize that marks like these are temporary, and that even though they are ‘on’ my skin, it is not my skin itself.”

You grew up in Hawaii—are there any sunscreens or products from your home state that you love?

“Growing up in Hawai’i, I was constantly in the sun. I am embarrassed to admit that I have only recently started my sunscreen journey. I didn’t know its importance until I had a mole removed out of concern for melanoma that was caused by sun damage. Please, please, please wear sunscreen! When looking for sunscreen, it was so important to me to find sunscreen that is reef-safe! I personally love the sunscreen from SkinCeuticals because it protects my skin while also evening my skin tone. I also love the products from Malie, an organic Hawaiian Beauty brand with gorgeous fragrances and perfumes that remind me of home. I adore their body gloss.”

What are you hoping the world takes away from your character in Resident Evil?

“Behind all the gore, horror, and action, my character in Resident Evil suffers emotionally. Billie experiences a lot of anxiety that sometimes results in random attacks. Often, she hides her feelings from those closest to her which only deepens her problems and isolates her. I hope that people will be able to take away the importance of connection and the damage that suppressing your mental health has on an individual.”

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

These next couple months will be exciting and new as I will be attending NYU this fall! I also have a few projects up in the air, which I feel very blessed to be a part of. I am hoping to find balance with both my school and career so that I can continue working while pursuing my degree in New York.

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