See Kendall Jenner’s Best Halloween Costumes, From Mario Brothers to Powerpuff Girls

See Kendall Jenner’s Best Halloween Costumes, From Mario Brothers to Powerpuff Girls

As one of the fashion industry’s most famous models, with access to any stylish look her heart desires, wardrobe expectations are high for Kendall Jenner — especially on Halloween. But the “Kardashians” star has proven, year after year, that she’s more than up to the challenge. Whether she’s attending a red carpet soiree or just dressing up for an impromptu Instagram photo shoot, Kendall Jenner’s Halloween costumes are always impressive and well thought out, from her hairstyle down to her choice of footwear.

Jenner’s job basically requires her to play dress-up so it stands to reason that she would fully commit to her costume on the most haunting day of the year. She usually collaborates with her stylist on her Halloween fashion moments, sourcing looks from vintage stores and mass retailers alike.

Over the years, she’s transformed herself into everything from a Super Mario Brother — a collaboration with Hailey Bieber — to Karl Lagerfeld, where she made use of a sparkly bodysuit. While she often chooses costume ideas you may recognize, she’s not adverse to more obscure references, dressing up as a goth glamour girl in a latex dress and choker, or an ’80s fashion guru complete with bike shorts and lace, fingerless gloves. Her most memorable look yet was a pink Halloween costume; she dressed up as a Fembot from “Austin Powers” in a poufy lace babydoll dress that stole the spotlight.

No matter which costume direction she chooses, Jenner is committed to being an endless source of costume inspiration. Check out her best Halloween outfits ahead, and get a head start on planning your own costume.