Save these 5 Plus Size Halloween Costume Tips from a Few Plus Size Cosplayers!

Save these 5 Plus Size Halloween Costume Tips from a Few Plus Size Cosplayers!

Are you guys ready for Halloween or what? We surely are. We have already been scouting out the best plus size Halloween costumes, finding inspiration from the beauty tutorials, and now? To pull it all together, we thought we would share a few plus size Halloween costume tips from a few of our fave plus size cosplayers!

We are definitely pulling together some fun festive looks (are you dressing up this year?) for Halloween, but if you are stuck, need a little bit more help or just need some direction, we asked two of our fav epic cosplayers TaLynn Kel and Brichibi Cosplays for help!

So grab your fancy pens, notepads, or just make sure to get ready to screenshot these awesome Halloween costume tips, because there definitely some of the most helpful and practical ones!

Here are 5 Plus Size Halloween Costume Tips to Know!

Plus Size Cosplayer- Talynn Kael as Typhoid-Mary
Image via Talynn Kael

TaLynn Kel is a femme writer, cosplayer who writes amazing articles on pop culture and making a space in the “nerd world” for Black feminist geeks. When we were able to grab a hold on this cosplay genius she offered several jewels for how to create your best plus size Halloween looks.

1.Choose Costumes that fit the Image you are going for

“I love being superheroes and villains, so I tend to choose costumes that fit that image. As a Black woman, dressing as a version of Storm only requires a white wig. You can choose to have a cape or not.

And Storm isn’t always dressed in uniform. You can make yourself a casual version and wear literally anything and add an X-man emblem. I used to make my emblems from cardboard and red and black duct tape.”

storm halloween costumes plus size

2. Use your Closet for Inspiration

“Use your closet for inspiration. Bought a hot pink skirt that you can’t wear to the office? Design a Halloween look around it. Maybe a pin-up inspired look.

Got a dress that’s a little too gothic for most occasions?
Wear it, then add some dark makeup to create an evil queen inspired look.”

halloween costumes for plus size ladies

3. Use Tights instead of Bodypaint

Tights are a quick and easy way to change the color of your arms & legs without body paint.

plus size villain costumes

You can cut a hole in the crotch and wear the tights like a shirt. If you layer two pair, it creates a deeper color with lighter shades.”

Brichibi Cosplays is a author, freelance script writer and cosplayer who’s all about speaking up on social issues within the “geek community.” We caught up with Brichibi to chat about some of her go to tips for recreating plus size inspired Halloween looks.

wonder woman halloween costume plus size

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You can do alternate versions to characters, you don’t have to do the absolute exact version of the thing you want to dress up as.”

storm halloween costumes

5. When in Doubt, Sketch it Out

“When I cosplay, a lot of times I end up sketching an alternate version of a character... so it’s not Wonder Woman in her traditional outfit, it’s a ball gown, because that’s what I’m most comfortable in.”

plus size superhero costumes
Neo Queen Serenity

Did you get all of that, lol it’s all about being fun, fierce and free ladies!  Hope these plus size cosplaying tips help you put those spectacular Halloween costumes together!

Have a great tip that we should know?! Share with us some of your best tips and pics in the comments below!

…we can’t wait to see how you work your plus size Halloween costumes!