Saturday Surfing, October 14, 2022!

Saturday Surfing, October 14, 2022!

Happy Saturday!

Hiya, friend. It’s a cool, crisp autumn morning here in my neck of the woods, which makes it a purr-fect time to light one of my favorite fall candles — Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick. It’s a warm, spicy scent that’s smells like delicious baked goods, and I like it because it’s sweet but not too sweet. Do you have a certain scent that you bust out this time of year?

This week’s reading

  • Speaking of Yankee Candles, there is now there is now something called the Yankee Candle Index.
  • As someone who 1) lives with a cat and 2) occasionally fries fish on the stovetop, I am very interested in reading what experts have to say about how to make your home smell amazing all the time. (Hint: candles are involved.)
  • Ever wonder what is an oud actually is in perfume?
  • Byredo has a new scent called Eyes Closed, which includes notes of candied spices and papyrus (HUH?).
  • Ooh, Olive & June’s new quick-dry polishes look so good!
  • Spooky and chic accessories for those seeking Halloween hair vibes.
  • “Companies Beware: Grey Hair Rising.”
  • Sephora enters the U.K. and exits Russia.

I’m so intrigued.

How fun!

Talk to me.

Because I’m always looking for ways to improve scheduling.

I really gotta bake a pie ASAP.

In my head, I’m the fifth Golden Girl.

I doubt it. LOL!

Pretty and easy.

Well, I’m headed out to go get my hair cut; I’m way overdue for a trim and so my layers have been extra wonky lately. Can’t wait!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,