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Review: Gain Better Sight and Insight with the Verkada CD52 Dome Camera

Review: Gain Better Sight and Insight with the Verkada CD52 Dome Camera

Physical security is a major concern for hospitals, as threats of violence put patients and providers at risk. A 2022 report from video surveillance company Pro-Vigil reveals that 28 percent of respondents experienced a general increase in physical security incidents in 2021, up from 20 percent in 2020. Additionally, about 27 percent anticipate such incidents to continue.

One major technology supports both physical security and cybersecurity efforts: video cameras. Cameras play a key role in implementing sound visitor management systems and access management by providing effective video surveillance. Cameras can record and deter theft, unauthorized access and on-premises attacks, and when placed in the right locations, they can also help address data theft and insider threats.

Crystal Clear Images Keep Healthcare Organizations Secure

Measuring 5.7 by 5.7 by 4.1 inches and weighing just under 26 ounces, the Verkada CD52 Dome indoor camera is unobtrusive and built with a sturdy, vandal-proof exterior. It has a powerful zoom lens, with 3X optical and digital zoom and 5-megapixel resolution.

In night and day tests, the camera produced crisp images, even in low light. Testers could easily identify faces, people and clothing. Verkada’s analytics features include unlimited cloud archiving and automatic firmware and software updates, which are ideal for healthcare organizations looking to scale up their camera systems.

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Efficient and Effective Video Surveillance for Healthcare

The Verkada CD52 has features that are hallmarks of effective video surveillance networks: data encryption in transit and at rest, onboard storage and advanced motion-based insight.

The camera can store recordings for 60 days with an onboard storage capacity of 512 gigabytes, which could prove essential for securing data as part of a larger backup strategy.

Verkada’s platform also enables secure access on any device, from anywhere. And with a camera that can be configured and brought online in minutes, network administrators save time and resources when installing multiple units.

DISCOVER: How timprove physical security for healthcare systems.

Additionally, with the camera’s cloud-managed features, no added software is required; complexities such as port forwarding are eliminated from the install.

IT security teams can rest easy with SAML-based integration to single sign-on solutions and real-time alerts if cameras fall offline.

Keep physical security at the forefront with the Verkada CD52 Dome camera. It delivers critical enterprise-grade security for indoor environments, is simple to install and works out of the box without additional downloads or configurations.


TYPE: Indoor
VIDEO: Color
RESOLUTION: 2688×1944, 5MP
STORAGE: 512GB; 60 days onboard