Resort Wear Trends: 7 Unconventional Ways To Get Your 2022 Resort Style On

Resort Wear Trends: 7 Unconventional Ways To Get Your 2022 Resort Style On


 he 2022 resort season almost seems too sacred to be messed with after two long years of slobbing on the couch during summer and hoping for another “outside” experience. Months after pinning looks on our mood boards and waiting for an opportunity to slay, we can all agree it’s indeed time to shine. This 2022, the resort style game is fiercely charging beyond the default maxis and straw hats to more fun and unpredictable vibes.

Think of yourself in more party ensembles and vintage-inspired accessories because life is too short for boring vacation outfits. The unspoken theme of this season is “Dopamine Dressing,” a juncture where comfort meets higher vibrations in an oh-so-boujie fashion moment. It’s time to picture yourself in the finest apparel sitting pretty in a luxury hotel with a rooftop pool and living out your best bucket list life.

Check out these whimsical 2022 resort wear trends that are giving vamped-up resort style…

#1. Embellished pieces

Sparkle always comes out to play and since being outside has been established after the lethargic at-home season, it’s time to go bold, big, and extra. That’s an apt reason why embellished numbers and accessories are a great choice this summer.

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#2. Statement vintage jewelry

Accessories are the hype of any ensemble, and a bold take on things is the style code for summer 2022. Double stone rings and all things boujee like vintage accessories are at the forefront, thanks to the designers who set this trend on fire for SS22.

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#3. Fancy leggings

There’s simply no resort style without luxury leggings. When on vacay, it’s minimum effort and maximum output — the exact effect that fancy see-through leggings paired with exciting footwear bring. See-through leggings aren’t the only route you can explore as rich prints evoke the same levels of badass vibe you need this season.

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#4. Bodycon fever

What’s a fulfilling summer without an expression of hot girl sass? Bodycon dresses have made a resurgence this vacay season in both mini and maxi takes. It’s getting hot out here, and bringing the heat is what this wardrobe staple does effortlessly.

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#5. Hole-knit style

Knitwear and summer resort style has the perfect BFF relationships. It’s the way they constantly make adjustments to remain in each other’s lives. Hence knitwear continues to evolve into cooler versions perfect for the season, and this 2022, the hole-knit versions are in this for the long hot-weather haul.

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#6. A classic neutral look

The elegance of a neutral-toned outfit on a breezy summer evening is what classy entails. While the season is known for all things bright and beautiful, style stars simultaneously opt for minimalist style takes. For instance, a bold-colored mini dress underneath a neutral-toned jacket adds a refreshingly minimal twist.

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#7. Drawstring signature

Sign off on the on-trend resort style with either a drawstring dress, joggers, or handbag. One thing designers like Louis Vuitton agree on is the staying power of comfort in the midst of upbeat fashion. And that’s exactly what drawstrings have come to represent.

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