Reasons Why You Should Do A Hot Oil Treatment – Natalie Mochaccino

Reasons Why You Should Do A Hot Oil Treatment – Natalie Mochaccino

All About the Hot Oil Treatment

If you’re a fan of hair care and taking care of yourself, you may have heard of hot oil treatments. For myself personally, me and hot oil treatments go way back! I remember as a teenager and my hair stylist told me how important it is to do a hot oil hair treatment and would give me samples to take home and do on my self.

For those that don’t know , you may be asking what is hot oil treatment? To answer the question, it is an oil-based hair treatment, that you apply to you hair to treat and condition damaged hair.

From my experience, whenever I do a hot oil treatment, my hair is full of lustre , is strong and conditioned. I am a huge fan of hot oil treatments and an advocate of hot oil treatments.

These days, it is very easy to look past hot oil treatments, as new hair products and hair rituals have hit the market. Let’s not forget your basic hot oil treatment.

In this blog post, I will be going over the benefits of hot oil treatments, why you should do a hot oil treatment, and how often you should be doing a hot oil treatment.

Hope you enjoy!

What is a Hot Oil Treatment ?

Okay, I briefly went over the basic meaning of a hot oil treatment. But to get into more depth of the actual meaning you would probably want to know the purpose of hot oil treatment , it is the process of infusing oils using heat to provide moisture . Hot oil treatments involve putting oil all over the hair and incorporating heat , by heating the oil prior to application. This allows the oil to penetrate the hair shaft for intense hydration. It’s perfect for naturals who are struggling with dry and brittle hair. 

The oil that you use is also very important if you want great results. If you’re into hair oil treatment DIY, there is the olive oil hot treatment that you can try , or a hot coconut oil hair treatment to try. All you would do is heat up the oil (with boiling water). Make sure it is not too hot! Then you would apply it to damp hair and sit under a heating cap for 30 minutes and then rinse off. It’s that easy!

The alternate is to use a store bought / pre- made hot oil treatments. For me personally I find have better results, I guess it is because the oils that are used in these treatments are more designed for hair and may be hard to find for a DIY project.

Examples of store bought/pre-made hot oil treatments are the Hask Monoi Oil Coconut Oil hot oil treatment. This product is similar to the ones I would use when I was younger and that would bring back the lustre in my hair.

If you are looking for a high-quality salon type of hot oil treatment, you can’t go wrong with the Phyto Intense Hydrating Hot oil treatment. I have also tried this and my hair loved it and ate it up. I wasn’t to keen for the fragrance that was used, and it had like an essential oil kind of smell to it. But it is a great product that you should try if you would like to spend more money on your hot oil treatment.

How Often Should Hot Oil Treatments Be Done ?

If you are new to the concept of hot oil treatments, you may not know how often one should be done. When I was younger, I would get hot oil treatments once a month and would treat it like a deep conditioner. They can also be used as a deep conditioner to repair dry and damage hair.

Now I am not faithful at getting hot oil treatments monthly, but just as long as you can fit at least one in, you are doing you hair a big favor!!

Can You Do a Hot Oil Treatment On Dirty Hair  ?

It depends on the hot oil treatment you are using. Regular hot oil treatments are usually done after you wash your hair, when it is clean there fore allowing the nutrients in the oil to penetrate the strands off clean hair. There may be hot oil treatments that you would have to apply before you wash your hair.

An example of this product would be the phyto Intense Hydrating Hot oil treatment. For some reason, the instructions say wash hair after hot oil treatment. My guess is that it is a concentrated formula and the majority of it has to be rinsed out in order for you to get the benefit of this treatment.

On the other hand, I would also love to try to use a regular hot oil treatment such as the Queen Helene hot oil treatment on my hair before shampooing it, just to see if my hair would benefit.

Hot Oil Treatment DIY

Simply wash your hair, towel blot it, then apply the oil to you hair and distribute evenly perhaps with a comb or paddle brush. Then cover your hair/head with a plastic cap and hot oil treatment under dryer 30 minutes. After , 30 minutes you can wash it out. You can also follow the instructions on you hot oil treatment.

Homemade Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Alternatively, you can try to do your own DIY hot oil treatment. You can do a olive oil hot treatment or a

hot coconut oil hair treatment . There are also other oils that you can use, such as castor oil and jojoba oil and even almond oil.

To do it you will need about ¼ cup of your desired oil, and apply like I stated in the above paragraph and rinse out.

Personally, I like to use the store-bought hot oil treatment designed for the hair and from my experience, I did not really find much difference when doing a DIY Hot oil treatment at home.


I hope that you enjoyed this article all about hot oil treatments. I went over what exactly a hot oil treatment is, the benefits of hot oil treatments, and the different types of hot oil treatments.

I also went over how to do a hot oil treatment at home and how it should be applied. And finally, how to do your own DIY hot oil treatment.

I have found that many people have looked past the hot oil treatment and viewed it as something of the past. I hope that you are able to incorporate the hot oil treatment and bring this trend back to life.


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