Old-School Soaps are Back in Style

Old-School Soaps are Back in Style

My dms went crazy after I posted the Indian soaps in my store.

TextIt seems like everyone’s a fan of the Mysore Sandalwood soaps, and I found it hilarious that they have an “export quality” and just the regular and of course I got one of each. The scent lasts forever too. Also, Imperial Leather which is an old-school fav, and apparently harder and harder to find in India itself. And a Sandalwood and Turmeric soap. Turmeric is often used in Indian home remedies as a treatment to brighten skin. What I would love is something with vetiver but that doesn’t seem to be popular in my neck of the woods. Honestly, these soaps are easy to find at any and all Indian stores so if you have one around, you should be able to find them. I think they were $2.99, each so they’re not expensive.

The Imperial Leather soap is soapy but spicy too… geranium and patchouli, a cinnamon-like frankincense… very smooth and and blends well with the clean musk that you’ve come to expect from soap.

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