NuFACE’s New MINI+ Device Is a Serious Upgrade From the Original

NuFACE’s New MINI+ Device Is a Serious Upgrade From the Original

I’ve been a fan of NuFACE’s microcurrent devices for years, along with thousands of other women, and they’ve also won multiple NewBeauty awards. But with any device, even the best of the best, there’s always something that could be improved upon, especially as technology evolves. That’s what NuFACE cofounder Tera Peterson realized back in 2018 after loads of research and studying client feedback, and that’s when the brand started to work on its next generation of devices. Now, what’s being dubbed NuFACE 2.0—MINI+ and TRINITY+ devices—have been announced, but they’ve already sold out twice and the waitlist is growing. Should you add your name if you haven’t already? Yes! Here’s why.

The Benefits:

For those who are new to NuFACE and have never used the original devices, they use a low-level microcurrent to stimulate the facial muscles for lifting, toning and contouring benefits. The brand calls it “fitness for your face” because the current goes beneath the skin’s surface and down to the muscles. However, unlike fitness for your body, there’s no downtime or soreness; I actually find my microcurrent ritual relaxing.

Now more about the new MINI+ device. “She is beauty and brains,” Peterson told me on a Zoom call. “This is the new NuFACE.” Let’s start with the changes to the device itself, which has received a nice little facelift with a softer, matte-touch material instead of high-gloss plastic and it now comes in three colors that Peterson says “mimic the Southern California sunset:” Sandy Rose, Violet Dusk and Midnight Black. It’s even more petite, compact and ergonomic—I love the way it feels in my hand.

The biggest changes come in the form of technological advancements, including a brand-new NuFACE app, which Peterson calls “your aesthetician at your fingertips.” Once you pair your device via Bluetooth, you not only get access to step-by-step tutorials that walk you through your treatments, but you can also learn about new techniques and new ways to lift that you might not have tried before. It really does take the guesswork out of the whole experience, and believe me, I’ve gotten many texts from friends over the years asking me, “Am I using this thing right?”

The app also gives you exclusive access to the brand’s 3-Depth Technology to take your lifting sessions deeper than you ever could with the OG devices. “This is automatically through Bluetooth and it syncs new hertz—the level of current—down to your device, so you can get even deeper than any other microcurrent device in the marketplace,” Peterson explains. There are three different modes: Skin Tightening, which helps to smooth skin and blur fine lines and wrinkles; Instant-Lift for toning, lifting and contouring; and Pro-Toning, which goes the deepest into the muscle for long-term contouring—there’s also a neck treatment.

Other features I love include hum feedback, so you know it’s working as you glide across your face, and the Selfie Tracker in the app, which prompts you to take your “before” picture before you start your session, your “half-face” picture after you’ve toned and lifted one side, and your “after” picture. And I can pretty much promise that if you’re using it the right way, you will see a difference. There’s also the addition of custom reminders, so you can schedule your NuFACE “workouts” throughout the week. For example, you might want to do Instant-Lift three days a week, and then the more-intense Pro-Toning the other two (you can take a break on the weekends to let your muscles relax).

Peterson and her team also made the device water-resistant, partly for personal reasons, but many clients had the same request: “I do like to lift in the bath, so now, if you have a little slip, it’s OK—your device will be OK.”

How to Use It:

Wash your face with an oil-free cleanser; oil will block the penetration of the microcurrent. Using the Clean Sweep Brush that comes in your Starter Kit, apply a “mask-like layer” of the NuFACE Microcurrent Activator of your choice on the section you’re going to treat; I like Silk Crème. (You can also massage a few drops of a NuFACE Super Booster—if you have one—before using your activator to boost your results even more.)

Techniques include gliding the device over your skin, as well as holding it in certain areas. If you’re a seasoned NuFACE pro, go with your normal routine, or check out the new app where you may find some new learnings. And if you’re a beginner, it pays to watch the demos and take your time easing in until you find your groove. The results are worth it! For instant results and long-lasting benefits, the brand recommends that you use your device for at least five minutes a day, five times a week for the first two months, and then you can do two or three times a week for maintenance. You can also access the new app even if you don’t get the new “Plus” device. You won’t have the Bluetooth connectivity, but you can use all of the other features.

The Bottom Line:

This device is no gimmick—it’s “fitness for your face” that really changes (temporarily) the contours of your face if you use it consistently—and the upgrades are thoughtful and efficacious. And if you prefer the brand’s Trinity device over the Mini, the next-gen TRINITY+ is coming soon too!

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