MicroPerfumes Now Delivers to Canada

MicroPerfumes Now Delivers to Canada

I’ve done so much sampling over the last little while, and my nose keeps coming back to this decant of L’Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer perfumes. Micro Perfumes now ships to Canada and they offered me a chance to pick out any decant from their selection. There’s a lot of the mainstream stuff, including high-end brands like Tom Ford, but I went for something niche that I wouldn’t be able to go smell in a store.

This one fit, and I chose it even though this particular perfume wasn’t really on my radar.

What can I say about L’air du Desert Marocain that hasn’t already be said? It opens with a dry lavender spiced with coriander and cumin… I got a lot of geranium as I wore it but the base is a warm amber and cedar. It’s so strong and so many things in one that I kept sniffing my wrist when I wore it and although my decant is still mostly full, I have a strong impression of this perfume in my head. I can smell it even when I’m not wearing it, and I’ve gotten a few compliments when I’ve worn it too. I’m sure this will be beautiful in the winter so I’m looking forward to wearing it in the cooler weather, which I’m sure is around the corner.

Check out MicroPerfumes – they sell full-sized bottles too and if you like something that you’ve tried, you can get the bottle from them as well.

Have you ordered decants before? Let me know what you think!

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