Men’s Summer Fashion 2022 – Men’s Summer Outfits & Essential Clothing This Season | Michael 84

Men’s Summer Fashion 2022 – Men’s Summer Outfits & Essential Clothing This Season | Michael 84

Men's Summer Fashion Essentials - What To Wear This Summer

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, it’s time for summer fashion!

That means dressing for the weather, and not only wearing clothes that keep you cool, but also looking cool. It can be hard to look your best in the Summer, with hotter weather there’s always a tendency to go more casual.

Here’s what guys should wear this summer.

Men’s Summer Outfit Ideas

Wondering what to wear this summer? Here’s some ideas on what to wear this summer, with outfit ideas for every occasion you’ll likely encounter this season.

The Statement T Shirt Outfit

I went to Madrid! The Royal Palacio

A good statement T Shirt is one of the best items of clothing you can wear this summer. Generally speaking, a T-shirt is going to be the backbone of many of your summer outfits, so what is a statement T Shirt?

It’s that one stand out tee which really sets off the outfit. It’s the talking piece, the focal point to your outfit. This can be a specific colour, a particular style or brand, or something else which really stands out.

One which I personally love to wear is my Desigual Henley T Shirt. For one thing, the colour is striking, and stands out a mile. It’s raspberry pink/red type of colour, something which I don’t own.

The graphics is another talking point. They only over the top half of the tee and are tastefully done, but are distinctive too.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual
What To Wear With A Statement T Shirt: Dark Denim, White Jeans, Complimenting Colour Chinos, Smart Trainers, Casual Shoes

Smart White T-Shirts For Summer

A Smart White T-Shirt Outfit For Summer

The classic white t-shirt is an easy reach for any guy looking to put together a summer outfit.

They’re so versatile and basically go with anything, and a t-shirt in itself is a great choice for any summer outfit. All you have to do is choose how to style it, untucked or tucked.

I can pair a t-shirt with dark blue indigo denim jeans, wear with a smart pair of shorts or opt for chinos. This is one item of menswear which is limitless in what you wear with it.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

White T-Shirt Outfit Idea: White Shirt, Dark Denim, Chinos, Smart Trainers Or Casual Shoes.

Polo Shirts

Wearing A Lacoste Polo Shirt

If you’re looking to wear something a litter smarter on your upper half, look no further than a polo shirt. When it comes to something smarter than a T-shirt but less stuffy than a shirt, this is your go to.

A collar, button placket and a well fitting polo shirt looks good in the summer heat. There’s a huge range of colours which you can buy, from the staple colours of grey and navy, pastel shades as well as bright pop colours perfect for summer.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

Polo Shirt Outfit Idea: Polo Shirt, Light Denim, Dark Denim, Chinos, Smart Trainers Or Casual Shoes.

Linen Shirt For The Beach And Beyond

Uniqlo Linen Shirt, T Shirt and Chinos For Summer

When it comes to putting a summer outfit together that uses a shirt, look no further than a linen shirt. They’re super light, breathable and great for the summer.

I own a couple of linen shirts, and one of the best things about them is the colours which are available. You can really go for something a little bit out there, and combine it with the right summer clothes to give yourself a bright looking outfit.

Here I’ve picked out my Uniqlo sea blue linen shirt and worn it with some beige chinos and a white T-Shirt for layering. It’s such a cool summer fashion trend.

I’d wear this around town, or if lucky enough to go abroad, around the beach or pool.

Floral Shirt For A Summer Night At The Bar

men's summer shirt - a flamingo pattern print shirt

I think that one of the ultimate summer shirts has to be a floral shirt. I got myself this Flamingo print shirt last year, and I love it.

It’s one of those statement pieces you can wear in the summer to show off your personality. It’s one of those pieces of menswear that’s quite exuberant, but the fun in the sun attitude means you can get away with it.

It’s a casual shirt with short sleeves, and I can wear this open to tone down and break up the design just a little bit.

A floral shirt is great to wear on a hot evening at a bar in the summer. Look cool and stand out in the heat of the night.

Nautical T Shirts & Breton Stripes

What To Wear In The Heat Of The UK Summer

Plain T Shirts are cool, but for something a little different I really do enjoy wearing a nautical T-shirt.

What is a nautical tee? Simply put, it’s a plain T-shirt with thin horizontal stripes all the way through. Breton striped shirts are also an option when it comes to striped t-shirts for summer.

The T-shirt is usually white with navy blue lines, however this can be reversed, and sometimes other colours are used.

This style of T-shirt is a very clean cut design, however offers something different to a plain T-shirt.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

What To Wear With A Nautical T Shirt: Chinos, Jeans, Linen Jacket, Denim Jacket, Smart Trainers, Casual Shoes.

Linen Blazer Outfit For Sumer

Sometimes in the summer you need to go out and wear a jacket, and need the smart option. What do you choose? I go for my linen blazer.

I bought a light blue linen blazer years ago, and it has served me well. I’ve worn it out on summer nights, and even took it on holiday with me.

Every summer I get out this linen blazer, and it’s the perfect jacket to wear when I need to go smart casual. It works for so many occasions, and can be worn with a T-shirt or a shirt, if you want something more dressy.

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Key Pieces: Linen Blazer, Shirt, T-Shirt, Tailored Trousers, Smart Trainers, Casual Or Smart Shoes

The Summer Suit

There’s plenty of formal events that you might be invited to this season, so a suit could be necessary. A summer suit can come in a variety of colours, it’s not necessarily based on lighter shades, but that is certainly an option.

You’ll want to focus on the fabrics and the weight, which is more of a factor for summer suits. You can go for linen for a more casual vibe, or stick with a light wool. Camel, sand and light hues of grey or blue are options. If you want something more classic, darker shades of blue and grey are also fine.

Owning a summer suit will come in handy. There’ll be lots of events you’ll be attending over the years, from weddings in the summer to other formal events.

Dress Code: Smart, Formal

Key Pieces: Summer Suit (2 or 3 piece), White or Light Colour Shirt, Smart Shoes

Layering A Check Shirt For Summer

Smart Casual - Check shirt with white t-shirt

At the other end of the scale, if you want a more dressed down and casual look, wearing a check shirt is a great way to go in the summer.

You can wear a long sleeve check shirt with the sleeves rolled up. This gives off a more relaxed and casual look, a great laid back style. You can wear the shirt open, with a clean white t-shirt under it, giving even more casual style to this outfit.

Dress Code: Casual

Key Pieces: Check Shirt, Dark Denim Jeans, White T Shirt, Smart Or Casual Trainers

Summer Night Outfit

Outfit Of The Day - Navy Shirt, White Jeans, Brown Shoes

There’s nothing better than a summer night out, but you need to wear the right outfit for the night to be a success. Fortunately, there’s so many options.

You can wear a statement piece on your upper half, such as a good clean shirt, a floral shirt, or throw a linen jacket over something more casual.

Then there’s your lower half. You can once again go for something lighter and different to what you’d usually wear at any other time of the year. I think this is a good time to bring out some white jeans.

A summer night is the perfect time to wear white jeans, and you can pair them with a dark colour shirt like I have done here with navy, or something lighter.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

Key Pieces: White jeans, Tailored Trousers, Long Sleeve Shirt, T-shirt

What To Wear With White Jeans: Navy Shirt, White Jeans, Brown Brogues. Optional: Linen Jacket.

White Jeans

Summer Fashion - White Jeans Outfit

Thinking about your lower half, there’s a few options, but one I love to wear is a clean cut pair of white jeans. There’s just something about white denim that screams summer fashion which I really love.

There’s so many things you can wear with white denim, with a large colour palette of options available.

You can see above I’ve teamed a pair of white jeans with a navy blue shirt for a smart outfit. I’ve also gone smart casual with white jeans and a nautical T-shirt.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

Wear With: T-Shirt, Shirt, Blazer, Jacket

Patterned Tailored Joggers

patterned joggers

A new and more modern trend that’s quite fashion forward is the patterned joggers trend. I got myself a pair of patterned joggers and still enjoy wearing them now.

Patterned tailored joggers make a great alternative to jeans and solid colour chinos. I opted for a tailored pair, which gives them a really smart edge.

I kept the outfit simple, wearing a plain T Shirt and white Adidas Stan Smith trainers with them.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

Wear With: T-Shirt, Shirt, Casual Shoes, Smart Trainers

Sweat Shorts For Relaxing In Summer

Laid Back Style: Sweat Shorts And Sweatshirt from H&M For Summer

For relaxing at home or anywhere for that matter, sweat shorts make a great option for your lower half.

I love that they’re so comfortable and can be worn with most other clothing giving you an easy to wear casual outfit. I wore a co-ords pair above, both in pastel yellow colour and both pieces from H&M.

Dress Code: Casual, Relaxed

Wear With: Sweatshirt, T Shirt

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket With T-Shirt

For a more edgy look a good denim jacket for summer is an excellent choice. You’ve got the choice of blazers and suit jackets when you want something smart, but when it comes to throwing on a smart casual or casual jacket, a jean jacket should be your go to.

I love nothing better than wearing a denim jacket in the summer. I have several in a few different colours including light grey, black and a statement jacket in rust orange.

Dress Code: Smart Casual, Casual

Wear With: Jeans, Chinos, T-Shirt, Shirt, Shoes, Trainers

White Trainers

White Trainers For Summer

Now we’ve got to talk footwear. In the summer you can get away with more casual styles, For your footwear, there’s plenty of options including white trainers.

These are more suited to a casual outfit, although the right pair can upgrade your style to a smart casual dress code, providing you’re wearing the clothing to go with them.

My Adidas Stan Smith trainers are the go to when I want some smart casual trainers in the summer. They’ve got a minimalist look which just works.

When I am looking for a more laid back style, a pair of sleek all white Air Max 90 trainers. These give off a more casual and sporty style.

Dress Code: Casual, Smart Casual

Wear With: Light and dark denim, chinos

Summer Fashion Trends

There’s some fashion trends which work particularly well in summer. When the temperatures go up and it’s hot and sunny outside, these are the trends which you can wear in Summer 2022.

Tie Dye Trend

How I Style my Tie Dye T Shirt - Michael 84 Outfit Style

The Tie Dye trend is still going strong this season! It came back a few years ago, and I jumped on board with this tie dye T Shirt and never looked back.

Tie Dye T Shirts are really cool because there’s so many variations and colours of the style available. If you get one, you’ll stand out and be unique as it’s unlikely someone else will have the same one.

I wore mine with a light blue pair of chinos and navy pair of casual shoes to give off an airy summer look.

Dress Code: Casual

Wear With: Chinos, Casual Shoes, Light denim, Trainers

Shoes Without Socks

Wearing Shoes Without Socks - Use Invisible Socks Or Liners

You’ve probably seen the shoes without socks trend. But do you want to know a secret?

The guys are still wearing socks!

This is thanks to no-show socks or trainer socks. If you’re planning on showing some ankle this summer, this is how to go sock-less without having smelly feel. Get yourself a few pairs of invisible socks and don’t look back.

Men’s Summer Fashion 2022: The Complete Style Guide

There is a different way of dressing in the summer, not to mention a whole host of different types of clothing to wear. In these guides you’ll find everything you need to know about dressing for the summer.

The best summer essentials for your wardrobe such as shorts, T-shirts and shirts, to the key summer events and how to dress for them.

The Complete Guide To The Best Basic T-Shirts

Basic T Shirt Guide

The most basic item is an important one, we’re talking T-shirts. There’s a lot to consider, from different brands to materials, and that all important fit. Here’s the best basic t shirt guide, which showcases some of the best white t-shirt brands for guys to look their best.

What To Wear In A Heatwave - Hot Weather Style For Men

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When it’s really hot outside, chances are you’ll not want to wear very much at all. In a heatwave you’ll want to wear the most comfortable clothing that keeps you cool. Here’s what to wear in a heatwave.

What To Wear To A BBQ - Men's Outfit Ideas

What To Wear To A BBQ

When it comes to summer events, going to a BBQ is one of those which you’ll have to think about. Whether you’re hosting or attending a friends get together, you’ll want to know what to wear. Everything you need to know is here in the what to wear to a BBQ style guide.

The Best Men's Shorts Guide

The Best Men’s Shorts

From tailored shorts that look smart to sweat shorts that are built for comfort. There’s different styles of shorts out there, each made for different occasions. You can find out the best men’s shorts here.

How To Wear Shorts With Socks - Mens Style Guide

What Socks To Wear With Shorts

Wearing socks with shorts is tough, so should you go sockless? This guide is all about how to pull off this look, check out wearing shorts with socks.

Men's Style Guide - What Shoes To Wear With Shorts

Shoes To Wear With Shorts

Teaming up a pair of shoes with shorts can be a difficult task. You’ll want to consider shoes, socks and shorts, and wear the correct items together. This is everything you need to know about wearing shoes with shorts this summer.

The Best Fragrances For Summer

Summer Fragrances

Looking your best is important, but you’ll also want to smell good too. With so many scents out there, it might be hard to decide. Check out the best summer fragrances for men, which will get you compliments and smelling good this season.

Bucket Hats

For a more relaxed look, a bucket hat is something you might want to consider. Whether you love a throwback to the 90’s, you love festival style or you just need something more relaxed for your head, a bucket hat is something you’ll want. Check out the best bucket hats this season.

The Best Fabrics To Wear In Summer

When it comes to dressing for warm weather, there are some fabrics which are better than others. You’ll want to wear something which is light, breathable, and can deal with sweat and the general hot weather which we get in the Summer.

The best light, airy fabrics include:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Fine Merino Wool
  • Polyester (sportswear)
  • Nylon (lightweight weather-resistant jackets)

Some Fabrics You Should Avoid Include:

  • Thick, Heavy Sweats
  • Leather
  • Heavy Wools

Men’s Summer Fashion Guide: A Recap On What To Wear

  • Light and airy fabrics and materials are preferable
  • Plain T Shirts balance comfort with style
  • If you wear a shirt, linen is the best material to go for
  • A linen blazer or jacket is a good way to dress an outfit up
  • Casual shoes or smart trainers are good footwear options
  • Denim jackets are a good casual jacket for summer
  • A statement T-shirt is a great casual piece to get you noticed
  • Shorts can be smart as well as laid back