Megan Thee Stallion Has Mastered the Art of Grown-Out Curtain Bangs

Megan Thee Stallion Has Mastered the Art of Grown-Out Curtain Bangs

Buckle up because Megan Thee Stallion is about to release new music. On July 20, the announcement came alongside a photo of her gorgeous curtain bangs, brushing right above chin level. Every click through her Instagram story came with a flattering angle of her new, grown-out style of curtain bangs. 

Wispy and soft, her bangs fell at the perfect length and framed her face like a work of art. The fringe curved outward at eye level while the rest of her jet-black hair had an orchestrated flow of its own. A swoosh came from every layer of curl as the sun beamed on every flip and tip of her bouncy hair. For a girl who has never explored with bangs before, Stallion’s mastered grown-out fringe was exactly the confirmation I needed that bangs without extra commitment truly do exist. 

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Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to the bangs of Meg Thee Stallion’s past. She joined team fringe back in 2021 with blunt bangs she wore in London. Soon after, a longer blown-out style made an appearance as well. 

She captioned her latest curtain bang look with what we presume to be lyrics of her new song, “Pressurelicious,” set to release on Friday, July 22. “Pressure she good for the image,” she added. With this particular set of images, Megan Thee Stallion once again proves her status as a hair and makeup legend (don’t think I missed the stunning lip liner moment in this carousel). Her music bombshell came with a bomb hairstyle of its own.