Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays in Greece – Cliché Magazine

Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays in Greece – Cliché Magazine

Today we want to talk about luxury yacht charter holidays in Greece. If you’re traveling from the US to Europe, it is essential that the time you spend really lives up to everything that Europe has to offer. While there are plenty of city trips to be had have you ever considered a holiday on the water? If so, one place that offers true sun, sea, sand, and exquisite eats is Greece. 

It’s easy to organize when chartering a yacht from Borrow A Boat means you will get one of the most stunning experiences while floating around the crystal waters of the Mediterranean and making the most of over 6,000 islands (many only accessible by boat). 

Not to mention that Greece also offers the most amount of shoreline than any other European location!  Greece is a feast for the eyes, stomach, and soul. 

Why should you rent a luxury yacht charter in Greece?

Greece offers something unique in terms of architecture and food, but there are plenty of other reasons that Greece should be at the top of your travel bucket list. 


When you have a luxury yacht charter, you should make sure that you make the most of it. One of the best ways to do that is to maximize the amount of coastline you have to explore. Greece has a whopping 6,000 islands and somewhere in the region of 15,000km of coastline. 


In terms of scenery, Greece offers everything you need. You’ll find rustic spaces, clean whitewashed buildings, and blues that are beyond compare. Cliffs, hills that look like the trees have been painted on, and plenty of historical buildings too. 


Greece offers some of the most fantastic dive sites that you will find across the globe – not just in Europe. The underwater caves, wreckages, coral reefs, and wide variety of fish offer some of the most fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities. 


The history of Greece is evident throughout the country, and it is something that is fascinating to explore. You will see plenty of churches, settlements, statues, and more strewn across the coasts and into the towns. 

Culinary delights 

Make the most of your chartered yacht and travel to multiple locations to enjoy a feast of epic proportions.  Chartering a luxury yacht means that you have the freedom to explore Greece in a way that will stay with you forever. 

And don’t forget on a luxury yacht charter you’ll have an experienced skipper and crew to take care of all your needs. No matter which locations you choose to go to in your Greek yacht charter, you will be spoiled for choice. There are small passages between the islands, or you can choose longer sailing routes back and forth.

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Greece offers beautiful villages and multiple award-winning beaches, as well as plenty of water activities. Since there is so much variation, you can choose between lesser-visited locations or join the tourists and explore to your heart’s content.

When visiting Greece from the US, you’ll be spoiled for choice with options and can create a unique itinerary that gives you culture, history, food, the joy of the people, sun, sea, sand, and sailing!

Where are the best places to visit in Greece?

When traveling from America to Greece, you want to make sure that you are seeing all of the best sights and are leaving no menu item uneaten. With a yacht charter, you have access to islands, heritage sites, Blue Flag beaches, and more. Greece is a veritable hive of things to do, see, eat and enjoy. 

The top yacht charter destinations are:

  1. Skiathos
  2. Nisyros Island
  3. Rhodes
  4. Lefkada
  5. Parga


If you want to explore some pine forests, deep blue waters, and over 60 beaches, then ensure your chartered yacht takes you to this island. It is one of the islands that is a habitation, but the island is mostly unspoiled. 

Nisyros Island 

If you were asked to picture what Greece might look like, Nisyros Island is it. Complete with the whitewashed houses and remains. What makes Nisyros Island somewhere that you need to go is that it is relatively unvisited by tourists. 


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Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels

Rhodes is widely referred to as a Mediterranean gem because of its beaches, valleys, history, and lively nightlife, as well as the contrast between the ‘Old Metropolis’ and the new contemporary cosmopolitan city. It is an excellent site to explore on a Greece yacht charter or to start or end your Greece yacht vacation.


Lefkada is commonly called Lefkas and is the fourth-largest Greek island. Although there is a bridge connecting Lefkada to the mainland, it is perfect for exploring by yacht charter. 

You will encounter your fair of tourists here since the island has so much to offer – but you can head off to one of the other islands on your chartered yacht with ease. 


Parga is a lovely little village on mainland Greece located on the Ionian Sea that is ideal for a stop on an Ionian sailing itinerary and a fantastic Greece yacht charter location.

Parga is a colorful town with boutique stores, taverns, and one-of-a-kind traditional Greek restaurants, as well as a small beach and groceries. Those are just a small selection of the multiple different islands and islets that are up for exploration. Depending on how you like to sail, you can choose long relaxing routes to each or use the small passages.

What makes a yacht charter so worthwhile for Greece is that you can carefully choose from all of the islands and create a trip that is completely unique. You can spend the morning snorkeling and exploring wreckages and the afternoon indulging in fresh seafood in a different location.

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