Lizzo Went Bronde For a Day and Looked Totally Different

Lizzo Went Bronde For a Day and Looked Totally Different

When musicians go on tour, there isn’t a single beauty transformation that is off-limits. Lizzo set the bar high as she continued her Special tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City with crimped pink streaks. But on October 13, she traded the pink for a brunette and blonde blend at her next stop in St.Paul, Minnesota. 

While holding a concert at the Xcel Energy Center, she debuted a bronde hair color just for the occasion. Hairstylist Shelby Swain kept her roots in a warm brunette shade while honeycomb ribbon highlights filled Lizzo’s hair from the crown down. Lizzo’s blonde highlights blended throughout the body of her hair organically. Swain’s signature touch — sculpted brunette baby hairs at the hairline — stood out. 

With any hair color transformation comes the question: Is it time to alter my go-to makeup hues? When it came to Lizzo’s glamour, resident makeup artist Alexx Mayo played with different blush and bronzer combinations that all resulted in a soft, airbrushed finish. Her cheekbones were bronzed yet rosy; he credits Charlotte Tilbury’s plethora of makeup products for her radiant glow. 

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