Lindsey Blackwell Makes Her Mark in “13: The Musical”

Lindsey Blackwell Makes Her Mark in “13: The Musical”

Lindsey Blackwell makes juggling being an excellent student with a full-fledged acting career look easy. “I maintain balance in my life by allowing myself to take breaks and have personal time. Since I am still actively in high school, actively doing auditions and working, things can really pile up! When I get overwhelmed or just feel I need a break, I take a moment to myself and unplug. I also reward myself when I reach one of my goals in either my career or my education because celebrating yourself is important too,” she says. She already has a strong sense of the kinds of roles that speak to her as an actress. “I’d really love to be in a biopic. Being able to show and embody someone who has walked this Earth, in my opinion, is the biggest challenge to take on, but I think it results in the greatest reward. I love coming of age stories too and always find them to be relatable! There’s normally a good lesson to be learned with a layered character. I really appreciate having a great character arc where there is growth and positive change. Also, any role that brings representation to the screen along with a diverse cast speaks to me too. I’m really proud of the roles that I have been able to portray because all of them have allowed me to connect with meaningful characters and storylines that I can be proud of. 13: The Musical is no different. Not only did my character, Kendra, fit like a glove, but I was also able to show my acting, singing, and dancing ability, which was the best.”

Netflix’s highly anticipated film adaptation, 13: The Musical, follows both Evan and Kendra trying to discover who they are. “After his parents’ divorce, Evan Goldman has to move from NYC to a small town in Indiana. He has to deal with a new environment, a new school, and new friends all while trying to turn his Bar Mitzvah into the coolest party ever. Kendra is a kind and popular cheerleader. She has been raised by strict parents and is trying to find her own voice as the movie progresses,” Lindsey explains. Lindsey felt Kendra’s kind heart right away. “I am extremely similar to Kendra! I connected to her immediately because we are so alike. I’m a kind and generous person just like Kendra. I always want my friends and those around me to feel seen and included. Kendra is aware of how she treats people and I am that way as well!” There was one slight difference, though – Lindsey isn’t a cheerleader. “Surprisingly I didn’t have to learn much cheerleading, but I did have to get my head cheerleader voice on point! There are a couple of scenes in 13: The Musical where you can see Kendra using her leadership abilities to teach the girls a sequence of motions!”

When she’s not acting, Lindsey pours her time into causes that matter deeply to her. “I am a proud celebrity advocate for Girls For A Change, which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prepare Black girls for the world and the world for Black girls. Girls For A Change works with participants to ensure they fill gaps and give girls the support they need as they enter into womanhood. I really connected with their mission and as a Black girl, I know firsthand how important it is to have that safe space for us to be educated all while being allowed to be our complete selves without judgment.” Encouragement is the foundation for limitless potential. “I believe that empowering and celebrating Black girls as we enter womanhood is important because it allows us to be confident in ourselves. With the right amount of empowerment and celebration this confidence becomes unwavering! I also believe that positive representation in the industry and the media sparks an indescribable feeling that truly makes us feel seen and uplifted, not erased or overlooked,” she points out. It’s crucial that everyone has the opportunity to build their own support system. “My advice to other Black girls in the arts is find your tribe and don’t get discouraged by the negativity. Having that tribe to uplift you and congratulate you when you accomplish your goals, in my opinion, is one of the best things to have! My tribe includes my family, close friends, and people who have had a large influence in my life. Also, in this age of social media where it’s very easy to be seen and found by the public, I say don’t let the negativity get to you and if need be, please unplug! Your feelings are worth so much more than hateful comments.” 

Beyond 13: The Musical, she has a few other exciting things happening! “I am currently filming a project that I can’t give details on yet, but be sure to stay on the lookout for that! You can keep up with what I’m doing on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook @lindseyblackwellofficial.” She is even working on an EP. “I am currently working on my first EP that will have 3-4 covers and an original single. I plan to release it mid to late summer. Making music is such a therapeutic and fun experience for me. I am super excited for people to hear a sound unique to me!” There is nothing that Lindsey can’t achieve when she puts her mind to something! 13: The Musical will release August 12 on Netflix. 

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Lindsey Blackwell Makes Her Mark in “13: The Musical.” Photo Credit: ELEY Photography.