Lift and De-Puff Your Skin With These Gua Sha Tools

Lift and De-Puff Your Skin With These Gua Sha Tools

Here at Allure, our team is filled with very avid self-care enthusiasts, so we’re constantly trying and testing new facial tools. The best gua sha tools have entered our skin-care routines not just for their cooling, nearly therapeutic feel on the skin, but for their ability to soothe puffiness and define facial contours (albeit, temporarily).

Let’s get one thing clear, first: according to a previous report from Allure, gua sha is a facial massage technique, not the stone tool it’s usually associated with. The report notes that gua sha is actually a traditional eastern and southeast Asian healing technique that involves pressing a small, smooth tool gently along the skin to release fascial and muscular tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage to tone the face. Originally, this traditional Chinese medicine technique was used for the body, but it’s been adapted for the face and neck.

According to Los Angeles-based board-certified dermatologist James Wang, MD, of Metropolis Dermatology, the benefits of incorporating a gua sha facial massage tool into your skin-care regimen are bountiful. Beyond lymphatic drainage and massaging facial muscles, Dr. Wang notes that gua sha massages can also stimulate collagen production in the skin. “It does this by applying stretch and directional pressure at the same time,” he says. “Over time, it can help subtly contour the face and fight some signs of facial sagging.”

In need of a new beauty tool to define your cheekbones and jawline while de-puffing your skin? Then allow us to introduce you to the very best gua sha stones and stainless steel tools for upgrading your skin-care routine, below.

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