Life Lately: our trip out West

Life Lately: our trip out West

Hello hello! Remember me? I’m alive. 😂

We’re back from our marathon week of travel out west!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week! We ended up booking the trip last minute, at at times it was a lot (June barfed on Neal not once but twice on Friday–once in the air. 😬) but it was so worth it and so much fun.

We were in Bend, OR to see my family Monday through Friday, which was so special to be able to celebrate June’s birthday a little early with all of them! My sister went all out and made her a balloon arch and baked her a cake. 😭

Then we flew to Denver for the weekend to visit our friends Matt & Erin, who have two little girls (one three year old and one a few months older than June!) You never quite know how things are going to go with three littles in the mix, but all the girls did so well together, LOVED each other, and we even managed a fun dinner out AND a hike with all three and it was a big success–June was such a trooper through all the travel and had the time of her life with both her cousins and her friends.

Today I’m sharing some behind the scenes of our trip, if you care to come along for the ride!

Our frequent flier loves a window seat. We got lucky on a couple legs of our trip and had the whole row to ourselves! (Sweatsuit + shoes)
My travel outfit from Chicago to Oregon (Tee, Hat, Sunnies)
Our morning hike up Pilot Butte. A quick trail with beautiful views of Bend! (Tee, leggings, sneakers, fanny pack–which is technically a diaper bag but I use it without June too!)
My niece on her last day of school/pre-school graduation! (June’s outfit here)
My niece’s pre-school graduation!
We also got to attend my niece’s dance recital dress rehearsal and June was MESMERIZED!

It’s not a trip to the Pacific Northwest without a stop at a McMenamins for a Ruby beer and cajun tots!!

We had a joint family party for my dad, nephew, and June–all have birthdays within 10 days of each other!
My amazing sister baked June her own smash cake which she was skeptical of at first, then very excited about, then very upset that frosting got all over her 😆

Pictures with the birthday girl! (My mom and sister on the right! ♥️)

My heart. How are you one!?
Then it was off to Denver. June puked all over Neal and her Babybjorn mid flight so we had to walk the entirety of the Denver airport with no carrier or stroller. (If you’ve ever been to the Denver airport you know how long that journey is! 🤯 That was an adventure but she loved the shoulder ride! (Jammies linked here)
When we got to our friends house we hung out while the girls played with the water table and enjoyed some popsicles! (swimsuit linked here!)
We went to dinner at Señor Bear which was OUTSTANDING and I can’t recommend enough. This was a spicy tropical margarita. They were also kid friendly!
If you’re there with a crew I highly recommend their family style platter so you get to try a little of everything!
The next morning we went for a hike! We opted for Three Sisters park because it was a higher elevation and therefore allowed us to escape the Denver heat! We did it with two babies in packs and our friends’ three year old walked a mile of it before they put her in her sling! I’d say it was perfect for a young family to do–it was about 3 miles total. Junes pack linked here and we love it!
Family hiking pic!
Girl dads ♥️
Elk spotting on our way to the hike!
Later that evening we went to Boulder for the Dead & Co concert at Folsom Field! We made a stop at Avanti for dinner and it was so cool–an awesome food hall with a rooftop. (We had the Shawarma restaurant and it was incredible!) Thank you to our amazing friends Erin and Matt for being such fantastic hosts!!
10/10 the best people watching of any concert I’ve ever been to. It was so much fun!
Meanwhille, these besties were having a blast with our friends’ nanny at home!
Bad photo but had to link these spinner suction cup toys. Our friend Erin gifted some to June for her birthday and they were a GODSEND in the airport and on the plane!
This guy and a well-deserved Fathers Day beer mid-flight. (After finally getting her to fall asleep!)

Thanks for re-living our trip with me! It was so much fun. We’re so glad we went. It’s also REALLY great to be home! 😂 I’m off to try and get my life in order! See you back here tomorrow for regularly scheduled programming!