Last Week, The Best Dressed Stars Opted For Polished Urbanity

Last Week, The Best Dressed Stars Opted For Polished Urbanity


hile we hope the heat wave subsides, we fear celebrities and style influencers may have a hand in the skyrocketing degrees. Judging by last week’s fashion code, it’s safe to say the stars brought the heat and some more. A slew of glamorous attires littered neatly across all events — from the carpets of the Critics Choice Real TV Awards to movie premieres. These Black stylish celebs dropped it like it’s hot, without dropping the style ball.

The looks

Actress Keke Palmer veered slightly away from the norm and took more risks for glamour’s sake in a custom Dolce and Gabbana multi-colored set. The hand-embroidered top, which was styled with a multi-tiered tulle skirt, sat effortlessly on her frame. The long wavy hair seemed to piece the entire look together, sending her straight to goddess level. She rocked this look during the Season 3 finale of the Legendary TV show by HBO Max.

The fourth annual Critics Choice Real TV Awards called and reality stars responded by flocking to the event in easy-on-the-eye fashion. Some celebs added heavy golden awards to their accessories while others received accolades and recognition. A similar link between all involved was a non-compromising approach toward style. Reality star Kandi Burruss was one of these TV personalities who chose to sizzle and dazzle all at once. The golden UNTTLD number she embodied merged with her persona and pairing this dress with matching Tom Ford shoes spoke more words about her personal style and taste.

Infusing colors into any outfit is a possible game-changer worth exploring for both minimalists and maximalists alike. Ghanaian actress Zynell Zuh took this principle to heart as she posed for the gram in an adorable Erica Moore green structured body plate and a pink ball skirt. A life-size Barbie doesn’t come close.

Check out last week’s best fashion moments as seen on stylish celebs and influencers around the world...

Gabrielle Union

Photo: Gabrielle Union/Instagram


Naomi Campbell

Photo: Naomi Campbell/Instagram


Keke Palmer

last-week-stylish celeb-opted-for-polished-urbanity
Photo: Keke Palmer / Instagram


Zynnell Zuh

last-week-stylish celeb-opted-for-polished-urbanity
Photo: @zynnellzuh / Instagram


Mariah Carey

Photo: DiAndre Tristan/Instagram


Tiwa Savage

Photo: Tiwa Savage/Instagram


Ruth Negga

Photo: Denise Stephanie/Instagram


Roseline Afije

Photo: liquorose/Instagram


Chelsea Lazkani

Photo: @chelsealazkani / Instagram


Kandi Burruss

Photo: Getty

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