How to Pamper Your Feet at Home – The Wanderlust Project

How to Pamper Your Feet at Home – The Wanderlust Project

The warmest season of the year is just around the corner. If you’ve been keeping an eye on Big Four Fashion Week summer looks, then you know that designers ranging from Dior to Proenza Schouler, Christopher Kane to Coperni, are embracing sandals, flip-flops, and delicate ‘barely there’ sandals for this summer.

These designs show off the beauty of pampered, suntanned, carefully pedicured feet, and many of them will be abundant at swish poolside soirées and elegant summer gala events. If you’d like to get your feet into tip-top condition to show off your new designer footwear, treat yourself to at least one of the following treatments.

3 Ways to Pamper Your Feet at Home

1. The Chinese Foot Scrub Treatment for Baby-Soft Heels

To pull off sling-backs and minimalist sandals and high heels, the heels of your feet need to be smooth, well-hydrated, and 100% crack-free. There are various treatments ideal for helping you feel ready to show your feet off, including scrubs, spas, and exfoliation treatments. If your heels are bearing the brunt of cold, dry weather, get them into tip-top condition by opting for a foot scrub treatment at a traditional Chinese spa. The treatment is simple but can last for almost an hour depending on the condition of your feet.

Your therapist will place your feet in a bubbling foot bath graced with ingredients ranging from antibacterial cleansers to salts and fragrant oils like therapeutic-grade lavender or bergamot essential oils. They will then take your feet and scrub away at the heels using a powerful foot file. The treatment won’t hurt at all, but you will find that you lose plenty of dried skin as the file works its magic. Your feet will then enjoy another antibacterial soak before enjoying a wonderful massage with a deeply hydrating foot moisturizer.

2. Reflexology Treatment

For the ultimate pampering experience, you can combine a head-to-toe massage with reflexology—an ancient treatment that involves applying pressure to specific reflex points in the foot. Each point corresponds to different organs and areas of the body, in order to heal ailments and help clear any channels in your body of blocked energy. This is made possible by the application of pressure, which promotes the flow of blood, nerve impulses, and nutrients. Foot reflexology massages not only feel good but have an array of additional benefits. It cleanses toxins, helps in relaxation, improves blood circulation, and promotes better sleep.

3. A Luxury Pedicure for Party Readiness

If your main reason for visiting the spa is to sport gorgeous toenail art for your next event, turn it into a luxurious experience that feels, smells, and looks amazing. At top spas, a luxury pedicure begins with a good soak in a bath of fragrant essential oils like Mandarin. Therapists then scrub your feet with a combination of salts, leaving your soles and heels soft and nourished.

Next, your therapist will apply a moisturizer made with energizing ingredients like ginger or mint, working to remove tension from areas like the toes, arches, and heels. They will then work on your toes, removing excess cuticles or filing them down, and applying your favorite shades. Trending looks this season for nails include shades like terracotta, yellow, mint green, nude, and lavender. Styles to watch out for include ‘half moon’ designs, graphic designs and crystals á la Euphoria, berry and flower designs, and 3D shimmer.

If you have just bought a new designer sandal, then make sure your feet are in optimal condition to show it off. Target your whole body with a reflexology treatment, scrub hard heels away at a traditional Chinese spa, or go for an hour-long luxury pedicure that will have you sporting one of the season’s latest trends on your toes.