How To Easily Wax Your Upper Lip At Home

How To Easily Wax Your Upper Lip At Home

Skin like milk, makeup on fleek, mustache? Quite visible. Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration to call it a mustache, but that upper lip hair is very normal and totally natural. However, most women are not comfortable with it, thus, the need for frequent waxing. For this reason, we did our research into how you can safely wax your upper lip at home for maximum results.

Of course, waxing can be painful, this is why you must absolutely do it the right way. That is to say, before you run off to your nearest supermarket for a wax kit, you should begin by getting a good knowledge about the subject. So, what causes upper lip hair?

What causes upper lip hair?

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Just like our skin and eyes, hair is one of those things that make us unique. As varying as our skin tones can be is also how diverse body hair gets from person to person. Simply put, some of us have more hair than others, including facial hair. This is largely due to an interplay of genetics and hormones that decide the type, amount, and even how our hair grows.

When it comes to the subject of waxing, there’s a right and wrong way to do it, especially when waxing your upper lip hair. Therefore, it’s imperative to get it right in order to remove as much hair as possible in a less painful manner.

Now you understand the cause of upper lip hair, and you also know that it is completely normal and natural, let’s cover how to wax your upper lip hair.

Things you’ll need

• Cream wax

• Applicators/spatula

• Baby powder

• Muslin strip

• After wax lotion

Check out how to wax your upper lip hair at home like a pro…

Step 1: Prep your upper lip

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Firstly, begin by cleansing your upper lip area with your normal face wash. This will ensure the area is free from all impurities, some of which could disturb the waxing process. After cleansing, pat dry and apply an average amount of baby powder to your upper lip.

Step 2: Wax your upper lip

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When waxing, focus on the sides closest to the cheek, and apply wax evenly using the applicator/spatula. During this process, you can tuck in your lips to see the area clearly. This can relieve pain as well.
Note: Apply wax in the direction of hair growth. Also, use a moderate size as thick wax can prove difficult to remove.

Step 3: Cover with a strip

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Once your wax has been evenly applied, cover the whole area with a wax strip. The trick with this is to cover the site with a muslin strip and press the strip down firmly but exempt the far ends. This will enable you to pull out the strip in a less painful way.

Step 4: Take out the strip

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This is usually where you can feel a sting of pain. In order to avoid this, hold onto the far ends of the strip that aren’t attached to the skin. As soon as you have a good grip, pull in one fast take in the opposite direction (not upwards).

Step 5: Repeat until satisfied

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To entirely wax your upper lip, repeat the above process over and over again until there’s barely any hair left. You could also decide to use tweezers to take out the remnant hair. After which you clean the area and apply an after-wax lotion.

There you have it. With these five easy steps, your mustache (coughs) will be gone in no time. Slay without limits girl.

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