How to Design a Preppy Room | Decor Ideas – College Fashion

How to Design a Preppy Room | Decor Ideas – College Fashion

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Bedroom photo from unsplash

One of the most fun things about starting college is being able to decorate your new room! Decorating your new dorm room can be super fun because there are so many different decor options and trends for you to choose from. However, you may be wondering what style of room you should go for.

One very popular trend recently that I would recommend for your new room is the preppy room. If you are not sure what a preppy room is, it is a girly and colorful bedroom trend that incorporates a lot of fun decorations.

If you are on TikTok, you have probably seen this trend recently. One of my favorite parts about this trend is that you can really get creative with what kind of decorations you want because you can make your room design unique to you while also creating a trendy preppy bedroom design.

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So, if you are just moving into college this semester, you will want to know exactly how to get a preppy room.

Or, even if you are already in college and want to redecorate your room, creating a preppy room is a fun new way to redecorate your room for the new school year!

For all the preppy room inspo that you need, check out this list of 15 preppy room ideas that you will love for your new room this year.

How to Design a Preppy Room: 15 Preppy Room Ideas

1. Decorative Wallpaper

Wallpaper from dormify

You may not have thought of this decor item, but it is essential for creating your new preppy room! Decorative wallpaper makes a massive difference in your space and really brings out your personality.

When you move into your new dorm room, it will most likely have plain white walls that you will definitely want to decorate with some wall decor!

So, why not pick out your favorite design of wallpaper to put up in your room? And, don’t worry because there are plenty of fun designs to choose from that will fit the preppy room aesthetic. For example, you could buy this cute polka-dotted wallpaper that screams prep.

2. Butterfly Mirror Wall Decals

Mirror decals photo from dormify

Another fun way to decorate the walls in your new dorm is with wall decals. Wall decals are another easy and fun way to make your dorm room look more like your dream room.

For example, these mirrored butterfly wall decals would be a super cute addition to your walls and would add some trendy decor to your new room. These would fit with so many dorm room aesthetics, but especially the preppy one.

3. Pink Throw Blanket

You will also want to make sure that you have all the bedding that you need for your new room and definitely includes a blanket.

Getting a super cute decorative throw blanket like this pink fluffy one is such a cute preppy room idea. It will make sure your bed is super comfy and it will also help you to get the trendy preppy room that you want!

4. LED Light Vanity Mirror

Mirror from dormify

Another super cute way to get a preppy room while also adding some function to your space is with a fancy mirror like this LED light vanity mirror.

This will be a very useful addition to your new room (hello, getting ready!) and it will help you to achieve a preppy room design! Plus, it’s an additional light source, and dorm rooms definitely need those.

5. Preppy Decorative Pillows

Pillow from dormify

Of course, you will also want to get decorative pillows to make your bedding stand out! Decorative pillows are also essential to creating a preppy room so make sure you get some super cute and colorful ones like this pink tie dye faux fur pillow.

6. Studded Headboard

Studded headboard from dormify

Another one of my favorite preppy room ideas is to get a headboard for your bed! A headboard will not be included when you move into your new dorm room so you will want to make sure that you bring one with you.

What’s great about buying your own headboard is you can get a super cute one with a fun design that will go with the preppy room trend like this white studded headboard.

7. Pastel Wall Collage

One of the easiest preppy room ideas is to add a huge collage to your wall that incorporates your colors.

I am sure you have probably seen this trend everywhere — wall collages have been super popular because of many TikTok videos showcasing fun room decor. However, to get the preppy room trend, you will want to look for a pastel wall collage like this one!

8. Faux Fur Accent Chair

Accent chair from dormify

Another preppy room idea that you may not have thought of is to get a cute chair for your desk or for lounging. You will probably be given a desk chair in your dorm room, but most of the time it will be a plain-looking desk chair or one that is not really that comfortable.

So, why not add some fun to your dorm room with a cute and comfy chair? I love this faux fur chair that you can use in your dorm for writing at your desk or lounging.

This chair will also give you that preppy room look that you are going for!

9. Preppy Pastel Wall Prints

Wall print from dormify

If you would rather have posters on your walls instead of a collage or if you want to add some posters along with a collage you totally can because wall decor is a huge part of creating a preppy room.

When looking for posters to add to your new dorm room, go for girly and colorful ones like this super cute poster from Dormify.

And, don’t worry because if you find a bunch of different ones that you like, you can definitely add multiple posters to your new dorm room!

10. Ruffle Bedding

Another super important part about creating your new preppy room is bedding and the most important part of your bedding is your comforter.

To create your new preppy room, you will want to get a super cute comforter that gives off girly vibes. For example, a ruffled comforter is a great option. If you are looking for a ruffled comforter for your new room, I suggest going for this cute pink ruffle comforter.

11. Storage Unit

Storage unit from dormify

You will also want to make sure that you have enough storage for your room. Storage is super important because dorms generally just come with a closet and desk — not exactly enough for most of us.

So, you will definitely need to bring some additional storage options with you. What’s great about this is you can pick out some cute storage/furniture items to go along with your preppy room design.

For example, this simple white storage unit will be the perfect addition to your new dorm room and you can totally add some cute decorations on top of it.

12. Mushroom Lamp

You will probably also need some extra lighting for your dorm, so you will also want to consider what kind of lamps or decorative lighting you want to buy. A great option if you are looking for some more lighting is this mushroom lamp.

Mushroom lamps have been all over TikTok recently as a popular room decor trend. They come in tons of different colors, including pastels, so they are great for adding to a preppy room. You get to try a fun trend and add additional light to your space, so you can’t go wrong here!

13. Arch Wall Decal

Wall decal from dormify

If you’d like an alternative wall decor option for your preppy room, check out this arch wall decal. You might not have seen this kind of wall decor before, but it is a great option if you want to add a big, bold pop of color to your space.

If you are considering adding this kind of wall decor to your room, I would recommend adding it over your desk as shown above.

This will make your desk area look more fun, and it will add to the preppy room design you are creating!

14. Cute Candles

If you just want some extra decor items to place around your room that go along with the preppy room trend, I recommend going for some cute trendy candles like this one.

If you are on TikTok, you have probably seen these candles or some other similar candles that have been very trendy recently. These types of candles are the perfect addition to your new room if you need some extra decor for your preppy room design.

Note: If you are living on campus, many colleges have banned candles in the dorms, so be sure to check your school’s regulations before you bring this item.

15. Preppy Decorative Books

Another great option if you are looking for some extra decor for your new preppy room is fashion books like this one!

These are great if you are looking for something to place on a table or nightstand in your room and they totally go with the preppy room style as can be seen on multiple room TikTok videos that are trendy recently.

What I also love about these books is that they will also add some more color to your room to help you in creating your new preppy room!

Which preppy room ideas do you like the most for your room?

What kind of bedroom decor are you looking for? What are you most excited about getting for your room?