Here’s Why Tracee Ellis Ross’ Style Is So Insanely Cool

Here’s Why Tracee Ellis Ross’ Style Is So Insanely Cool


hat differentiates fashion from style is originality. When a lady knows her personal style and strives to remain authentic in a fast-changing fashion world, you know she’s the real deal. Tracee Ellis Ross, who reportedly has a net worth of $16 million according to celebrity net worth, is a classic case of goofy and talented pairing up seamlessly with stylish. From a stunning model to a red carpet baddie, the star, who always combines her exuberant personality with hard work, has become a force to reckon with in the fashion world thanks to her eclectic and daring style.

Over the years, Ross’ tresses have also been known to play a lead role in her fashion statements. Hence, it wasn’t surprising when she launched her hair care line Pattern Beauty, in 2019. It only seemed right. The entrepreneur steadily evolves her style but has also managed to stay true to originality. Worthy of note is Ross’ post-pandemic looks that gallantly championed fierce revenge. Perhaps, to make up time lost sitting at home in the barest of sartorial minimum. Outside-the-box, creative, and above all, free-spirited – that’s how best to describe Tracee Ellis Ross’ take on self-expression.

Ross once said, “You can wear whatever you want, as long as it makes you feel fun and powerful. There are trends, of course, but there are no rules: Always feel free to express your own personal style.”

Net worth aside, these are 5 other stand-out reasons we love Tracee Ellis Ross…

#1. She has an effortless eclectic sense of style

One of the reasons why Ross’ style sets her in a lane of her own is the unpredictable twist and turns of her eclectic fashion choices. She has an affinity for colorful statement dresses, with Christopher John Rogers being her fave go-to. The actress also loves to effortlessly don oversized ensembles, in the form of boxy suit sets and frocks with meters of flowy fabric. Irrespective of the color and silhouette risks, Ross never comes across as clumsy or too patchy, but indeed, has an effortless aura to it. That’s style-icon level unlocked.

#2. She knows the color game

It’s easy to tell the energetic star has an emotional connection with her outfit color choices. They proudly represent her history, eccentricity, and playful nature all with a touch of mystery. She unapologetically ignores the traditional color standards with easy-on-the-eye coordinations, yet her bold hues know how to fall in place quite effortlessly. From clashing patterns to color blocking, Ross and her stylist Karla Welch have mastered this skill like pros.

#3. Her hairstyles

Tracee Ellis Ross’ net worth proves the star isn’t just a legacy kid but has put in the work to carve a place for herself. While she uses her style to etch her presence, the star actress and beautypreneur uses entrepreneurship to make a difference. This can be seen with the launch of Pattern Beauty for the natural hair community — all women of color.
Ms. Ross never hesitates to flaunt her healthy tresses and has made a passion out of it. Plus, she doesn’t run out of hair styling ideas that sync smoothly with her colorful ensembles. Sometimes, her hair is slicked into a snatched bun, adorned as cornrows, or plays ‘fro out. But every time it makes a mane statement.

#4. She blends vintage and contemporary

In Ross’ book, time doesn’t count. I can almost hear her say; “Does it look good? Does it fit into my state of mind? Is that what I want to be found in? If yes, let’s make it happen.” This might have been the case for the Fall 1989 Patrick Kelly animal print dress the star wore to the Black-ish wrap party. Although she paired it with chunky vintage jewelry, she still managed to put a contemporary twist on the classic look. Typical Ross energy!

“I still wear the Ralph Lauren cashmere cable knits that I bought in the late 1980s.”

#5. A vibrant personality to match

According to the iconic designer Yves Saint Laurent, “Without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance.” That’s true for Ross, as her magnetic personality can’t be swept under the carpet. The star would look stylish in sweatpants if she tried, but her mother’s fashion influence won’t allow such a simplistic approach to style. Unless, of course, she ups the sweat game with her fancy accessory choices. Tracee ross’ net worth.

Ross, who is a superb and passionate communicator, once revealed that she has strong emotional connections with her outfits: “I hate to throw clothes away; I still have a beautiful Norma Kamali slip dress from when I was 22. I wore it to my brother Ross’ wedding three years ago. My clothes are a reflection of myself.” 

Featured image: Tracee Ellis Ross

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