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Frontline Honors: Sally Okai-Koi, Alliance Homecare

Frontline Honors: Sally Okai-Koi, Alliance Homecare

Sally Okai-Koi, Caregiver for Alliance Homecare, has been named a 2022 Frontline Honors honoree by Home Health Care News.

To become a Frontline Honoree, an individual is nominated by their peers. The candidate must be a dedicated, high-performing frontline worker who delivers exceptional experiences and outcomes; a passionate worker who knows how to put their vision into action for the good of seniors and aging industry professionals; and an advocate for seniors, their industry, and their peers.

Home Health Care News caught up with Okai-Koi to discuss their time in the home health care industry.

HHCN: What drew you to the Home Health Care industry?

Okai-Koi: I was drawn to the healthcare industry by the satisfaction I get out of knowing I can contribute to the well being of my fellow humans in tangible and measurable ways.

What’s your biggest lesson learned since starting to work in the industry?

The biggest lesson I have learnt since beginning work in the industry is that caregiving goes beyond the physical and that in many ways most patients appreciate the emotional support that they receive.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

The favorite part of my job is seeing the results of my contribution to the welfare of my clients when they are able to accomplish more than when I began giving them care.

What do you want society (or the general public) to know about your job?

I would like society to appreciate the immense importance of the part played by caregivers in our lives.

What may be one thing leaders don’t know, that you wish they universally knew, about your job?

I would counsel leaders to acknowledge that caregivers generally require relief from their own individual challenges. I suggest that caregivers receive support from their employers by giving them access to full employment benefits such as good training, leave packages and stress relieving activities such as gymnasiums and mental health counseling and treatment.

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