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Frontline Honors: Keith Bailey, MedArrive Inc.

Frontline Honors: Keith Bailey, MedArrive Inc.

Keith Bailey, Field Provider Paramedic for MedArrive Inc., has been named a 2022 Frontline Honors honoree by Home Health Care News.

To become a Frontline Honoree, an individual is nominated by their peers. The candidate must be a dedicated, high-performing frontline worker who delivers exceptional experiences and outcomes; a passionate worker who knows how to put their vision into action for the good of seniors and aging industry professionals; and an advocate for seniors, their industry, and their peers.

Home Health Care News caught up with Bailey to discuss his time in the home health care industry.

HHCN: What drew you to the Home Health Care industry?

Bailey: I was looking for something more rewarding to do after retirement from the Fire Service of over 30 years. I have been blessed and got to help so many people and it’s been a journey but well worth it as I get to see the smiles on peoples faces now. I actually feel appreciated now, something I never felt in the Fire Service.

What’s your biggest lesson learned since starting to work in the industry?

No Doubt, BE PATIENT. Everything in HHC takes more time than in the EMS / Fire Service. It’s like having “Grace Under Pressure” You have to be there for your patient and oftentimes that truly means being very patient, and things happen in time once everything gets approved. It’s worth it when it happens for sure, though.

What’s your favorite part about your job?

Getting to help all the new people I meet all the time. Everyone has some sort of need and it’s my job to figure out how I can help them to have a better quality of life. This job is truly a journey, not a race. Being nice and patient with your patient helps to put them at ease and let them know you are going to do everything you can to help them with a proven history of helping others with similar needs that they may have had.

What do you want society (or the general public) to know about your job?

By bringing Health Care into your home we can now educate and help to prevent some unnecessary trips to the ER for non-life threatening events and have patient connect with a PCP, Be assessed and get on the needed meds for your medical concerns, have initial and follow up visits with your PCP and find some healthier ways for you to live and have some longevity for your life to be there for your family.

What may be one thing leaders don’t know, that you wish they universally knew, about your job?

That the drive we have to go out and do this job is not just about compensation but more about how we make an impact on our patients to give them more time with their own families with every vital sign we take, every medicine we make sure gets refilled, every through exam we do, every moment we listen to them and every time we remind them that we care and are going to be with them through this journey until we see it thru and they are better off than the day before.

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