Flaunt What You’ve Got In These SR-Approved Summer Perfect Swimwear

Flaunt What You’ve Got In These SR-Approved Summer Perfect Swimwear

For stylish women, there’s one outfit that has become a summer essential. No, I’m not talking about dresses. Although dresses are a summer staple, this season is inarguably the best time the downright sexy swimwear comes out to play. Whether you look to one-piece or two-pieces, you’re sure to cause a sensation in spite of the blazing heat. 

We can all agree that summer is officially the best season of the year for sunbathing and resting. It is also the season to take advantage of the beach and pool and the endless sun and water they provide. In summer, almost everyone goes to the beach or swimming pool, and a large number do so in their favorite swimwear.

Swimwear: monokini vs. bikini 

The term swimwear encompasses quite a number of clothing items, and each shines brightly depending on the vibe you’re aiming for and your comfort levels. For instance, one-piece can be the point of call for ladies who would rather stick to flaunting just enough skin to make a point. On the other hand, a two-piece, aka bikini is for the girl who’s determined to bring sexy back. Clearly, the aforementioned is a more favorable option for conservative girls while the latter is… well. bring the heat! 

When selecting your summer preference, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just ensure you’re treading within your comfort zone. Don’t go microkini if you’ll probably get flushed with embarrassment should your nipples manage to escape the barely-there swimwear. 

Check out 6 summer bikinis you’d be needing in 2022…

#1. Crochet

Photo: Amra Olević Reyes/Instagram

You can wear the crochet swimsuit in one or two pieces. The shape is also very varied: a two-piece bareback or striped one-piece, a triangle one-piece, bandeau, ruffle, round neck, and so many others. They come in all shapes and all colors, enough to keep you hooked on this style. 

The crotchet swimsuit isn’t for swimming but for when you want to laze on the beach or pool. If you dare wear them to swim, the water would soak the wool, thus, weighing it down considerably and warping the piece. Result? You risk ending up just like Eve!

Photo: @kiini/Instagram

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#2. Cut-outs

Photo: sheleamusic/Instagram

As soon as summer is in full swing, it’s time to dive into this selection of cut-out swimsuits! By adding a touch of sexy and originality to one-piece and bikinis, the cut-outs are going to wreak havoc this summer. Ideal for showing off a little skin without revealing too much, the swimsuit with cut-out is guaranteed to stand out. Belly, neckline, hips, or ribs, you can skillfully choose to show any part of the body to reveal thanks to the cut-out swimsuit!

Photo: Boity Thulo/Instagram

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#3. Animal prints

Photo: Fanny Neguesha/Instagram

If you adopted the animal print last winter, you wouldn’t be surprised to find it everywhere this summer too. Feline, zebra, python, you name it! Wild animals will be everywhere on the beaches as people embrace the summer heat. This year more than ever, we are giving pride of place to eighties bikini cuts: high-cut panties, push-up bra-style bikini tops, and lace-up bands. In short, it’s not just the pattern that will be sexy!

Photo: @tokemakinwa/Instagram

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#4. Put a ring on it

Photo: camilacoelho/Instagram

This time we are not talking about the ring on your left ring finger, but the detail on any part of a swimsuit. If the ring is not your first choice, then opt for a buckle. The ring or accessory you choose transforms the swimsuit into a chic piece. On a bandeau or a classic top, the embellishment gives an artistic side to any swimsuit. It is best to choose metal-toned plastic rather than metal to prevent it from overheating on the skin due to sun exposure.

Photo: @lillyafe/Instagram

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#5. Frills/pleats/ties

Photo: didistone/Instagram

Any interesting detail on swimwear is always a welcome addition. This summer, designers haven’t hesitated to add feminine aesthetics to their swimsuit offering, including frills, ties, and even pleats details. Think bright and fresh with a hint of the ethereal. Find witty details making an appearance on necklines, busts, waistlines, and shoulders in every style and print.

Photo: andreaiyamah/Instagram

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#6. Prints

Photo: Ayanda Thabethe/Instagram

Yes, we love animal prints, but there are other prints you can also explore when choosing swimwear this summer. From floral prints to African prints, the options are endless.

Photo: Charlotte Kamale/Instagram

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