Finding the clothes that make you feel good — That’s Not My Age

Finding the clothes that make you feel good — That’s Not My Age


Photography: Claire Pepper for The Daily Telegraph.. Make-up: Louise Heywood


Those moments when an outfit comes together and makes you feel good are magic. And, I do think you instantly know when you’ve hit upon a winning formula. The ensemble above is a case in point. I love the just-slouchy-enough-jeans and the shaggy, Chanel-style jacket. I’m happy in these not-so-basic basics – I can always tell from a photograph whether or not I feel comfortable in an outfit. The look on my face is a dead giveaway. I’d be rubbish at poker.

When it comes to nailing that outfit magic, fit is the most important thing. Clothes have to fit right in the physical sense, so there’s no faffing around and feeling uncomfortable. And clothes have to suit your lifestyle: to fit in. The outfits we wear most often, need to be effortless, versatile and interesting. As I’ve said before – basic doesn’t have to be boring. Look for essentials with a design detail to take them from standard to standout. I tried this knitted jacket from Jigsaw for my Daily Telegraph column; the frayed trim and woven texture give a simple cardigan a serious style upgrade. The just-baggy-enough jeans are from Raey at Matches – the modern, boyish fit, cropped leg shape and slightly faded wash make them easy to wear and perfect for the summer months.

I’m lucky in that I get to try lots of clothes on as part of my job, so I get a good overview of what’s around. Though it can be tempting, what I love most about a fashion shoot is sending everything back, at the end!  I am really careful about what I buy (when you live in a small-ish flat in London, you have to be) and what I accept from brands. But I know for sure that I could live with both the slouchy jeans and shaggy jacket. They’d fit right into my almost-full wardrobe (just as soon as I’ve worked out which two items are going to the charity shop). By this point in my life, I know how I want to look and I have far more appreciation for hard-working, quality clothing that will last. I’m not interested in fast fashion fads, It bags and celebrity dupes. I want winning items with staying power. Choosing well means an item of clothing will only get better with age. And we all know how we feel about that phenomenon.


Have a look at the favourite pieces you wear again and again. What is it about them that makes you feel good? The fabric, the shape, the colour? For me, slouchy trousers and a standout top or jacket are always going to be wardrobe-boosting winners. For you, it might be a brightly patterned, go-everywhere dress and pumps. Take your time when trying on and purchasing something new, hopefully it’s going to be in your wardrobe for a very long time. The key is to find the clothes that fit well, look fabulous and feel just right.


Here’s some more feel-good fashion:


STYLE NOTES: I’m wearing knitted jacket and jeans, as above. The Leila leather bag from Ally Capellino’s limited edition Waste You Want collection. Empoli leather strap shoes, The Fold.

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