Fall’s Biggest Makeup Trend Is All About the Eyes

It feels like cat-eyes have been a makeup trend pretty much since makeup has existed as a form of self-expression. So much so, that we’re not sure if it’s entirely accurate to call the look a “trend” anymore. So many people have taken on this glamorous look as their daily staple, winging out their liner before heading to work or out to dinner. 

“A bold cat-eye is an all-time classic dating back to old-Hollywood glamour when eye makeup became more of the focus rather than the lips,” New York City-based makeup artist Norah Salazar says. “Stars from Adele to Nicki Minaj always rock their own bold cat-eye looks, ranging from thin like Ariana Grande’s to more bold exaggerated like those of the late, iconic singer Amy Winehouse.”

But this fall, it’s not just about the slick, black wings. The cat-eye look you’re going to see all over the season (as seen on Altuzarra, Eckhaus Latta, and Collina Strada runways) is going to be bigger, with brighter colors, cooler shapes, and lots of head-turning looks. 

“Cat-eyes are going bolder, with use of bright color and more edgy smokiness than the traditional liquid flick,” makeup artist Emily Amick says. “Think Julia Fox over Marilyn Monroe.”

Meet the experts:

How did the bold cat-eye become a trend for 2022? 

Fox and other models walked the LaQuan Smith fall runway wearing smudged black eyeliner pulled into an extra-long, cat-eye with red eye shadow running along the crease the lid. Between the red and the smudged black was a smoky brown shadow that helped tie the whole thing together.