Decor Inspiration: 23 Elegant African-Inspired Spaces You Should See

Decor Inspiration: 23 Elegant African-Inspired Spaces You Should See

Have you noticed how most of the interior decor inspirations featured across the world come from primarily two geographical regions? Somehow, our minds and sight have been tailored to focus on western-inspired decorations that owe their origin to various European nations and the East for more “exotic” and enchanting details. In the midst of the bustle for standout interior decorations, the beauty that is African-inspired decor is largely ignored.

While it might not be a conscious choice, it still means that people tend to come across African-styled interiors far less frequently than is deserving; whereas African-inspired interior decor is one of the most creative and vibrant options for styling living spaces and beyond. 

These designs mimic the natural African landscape, structures, culture, sunset, wildlife, and other aspects of African living. As such, African-themed interior decor brings alive the warmth associated with the continent. For many of us, seeing an afro-themed space is like stepping onto a utopic savannah. The history-filled accessories and rich earthy tones all add to the beauty that is African-inspired interior decoration. Going for an African-styled space is all about reconnecting with nature, the African culture, and its raw beauty. 

Here are 7 African-inspired home decor ideas to inspire you…

#1. Ankara-wrapped lighting

Photo: @blueprintafrica/Instagram

Add some interesting flair to your space by wrapping your lightning with African fabric. Whether you opt for vibrant tones with loud patterns or subtle options, you can use the Ankara to add some contrast to your interior. For instance, if your space sports toned-down hues, a bright fabric can be used to add some character and also serve as the focal point. 

#2. Thrilling monochromatic tones

Photo: @africaninteriordesign/Instagram

One of the most beautiful things about African home decor is that depending on your preference, you can easily make it work for you. Whether you’re drawn to pops of color or would rather live in a single-hued space, you’ll have more than enough inspiration to float your boat. You can even play with classic shades like black and white and it will be in no way boring. If you’re taking this route, then look to exciting prints and shapes for more impact.

#3. Simple and striking African expressions

Photo: @therutchic/Instagram

Wood in its various forms is an important constituent of the African design scheme. You have plenty of choices here with cedar, ebony, or African mahogany among many other popular wood types. If you are opting for a full-fledged African look, then artifacts like woven crafts (as seen above), and earthenware are also a simple yet great way of expressing the theme in its truest form. African inspired home decor ideas 2020.

#4. A touch of African wildlife

Photo: @yenzy_collections/Instagram

Randomly throwing in a rug with animal prints along with a matching throw pillow or two does not mean you have adopted the African style. If anything, such additions often seem more at home in a glamorous western way. You can instead usher in a true African vibe in a delicate yet unrestrained manner by putting up portraits of African wildlife and woven art on the coffee table.

#5. An eclectic and refreshing tropical theme

Photo: @blueprintafrica/Instagram

Another clever way to usher in the African motifs without being all too obvious is by opting for a refreshing tropical theme. Apart from being a wonderfully warm choice, this also allows you to blend decor and accessories from other cultures along with the African finds. Here, the cultural images of African women, wooden stools, and Ankara throw pillows work so much magic, combined with other eclectic pieces like a rug and center table. 

#6. Serene earth tones

Photo: @blueprintafrica/Instagram 

Some people appreciate a more laid-back, semi-minimalist approach to interior decor. Even if you are not lucky enough to own any African artifacts or textiles, you can still bring home a bit of the continent’s amazing aura by simply choosing the right colors.

Nothing says Africa like inviting, warm earth tones — think rich shades of brown and orange. Throw on some raffia fans on the wall for an extra glamorous ethnic vibe. But ensure that instead of a polished look, the finish is a touch of rustic and raw.

#7. Ethnic textiles seats

African-inspired living rooms
Photo: @africaninteriordesign/Instagram

If you have the opportunity to build or redesign your upholstery, choose ethnic African prints in colors that compliment your interior. Africans create unique patterns that each hold a unique meaning. So, bring a piece of African culture and history into your home and put up a large vintage photo of your mom or grandmother for an added rich and timeless feel. 

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