Complete Your Work-Slay With These Work-Friendly Nail Designs

Complete Your Work-Slay With These Work-Friendly Nail Designs

Over the years, nail art has continued to evolve, thus becoming a key asset for women who desire to express their individuality and taste through their nails. A beautiful nail design is an important component of every woman’s look, including professional working women. Certainly, the right work-appropriate nails not only complement your entire workwear but also helps you appear neat and organized.

While bold nail designs are super cool, not all are suitable for professional environments as office dress codes often dictate work-appropriate nails. Some conservative workplaces might not even allow brightly colored nail polish. However, if there are no rules and depending on your type of job, the onus is on you to pick your preferred work-friendly nail art designs.

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Whether you work in a strict environment or not, classic nude––pink or peach––colors are always a great choice for an office look. Red tones, greys, and light purples also work for less conservative business places. Of course, you can throw in some shimmer, glitter, and adornments as long as you keep the designs simple.

Check out 5 work-appropriate nail designs that are perfect for your office slay…

#1. Blush + shimmer

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Soft tones like peach are always a great work-appropriate nails option. This is because they’re noticeable enough to make a statement but calm enough not to be loud. While you can totally stick to a few coats of blush nail polish, you can also get creative with your design. For example, incorporating strokes of drawings can be the pop you need, otherwise, go with shimmer.

#2. Clear flowers

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Clear acrylic nails are the buzz right now with nail artists breaking the ceiling with creativity. From imposing crystals to colorful patterns, the options are endless. Surely not all of these nail designs are work-appropriate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. Opt for clear acrylic nails with delicate flower details to ride in on the trend and still stay professional. Now, that’s a win-win.

#3. Neutral negatives

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Although sticking to one color scheme is the way to go when it comes to professional nail designs, we all know it can be boring. Luckily, boring doesn’t have to be the road you take! Go the neutral negative route by choosing a design that plays with neutral colors. Think black, white, grey, beige, tan, and the like. You can also incorporate a little sparkle with a line of gold or silver shimmer.

#4. Fearlessly plain

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There’s nothing wrong if you want a few coats of a solid color. While design details are totally the rave right now, there’s still a place for “plain ol’ nail polish.” The secret to nailing this look is to opt for bold colors like reds, deep purples, and browns that grab attention for all the right reasons. Plus, you can always use your workwear outfit to make the statement your nails can’t.

#5. Wiggly delight

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In as much as the office space is intended to be a place of order, how about you bring in a little chaos with your nail art? No, I don’t mean rocking a design that’ll make your boss’ eyes bleed. Rather, the complete opposite. The wiggly delight nails look totally normal at first sight, but when you take a closer look, it’s anything else but familiar. Three lines on one nail, five on the other, and so forth. Very welcoming chaos if you ask me.

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