Breaking  News: Cargo Shorts Don’t Suck Anymore

Breaking News: Cargo Shorts Don’t Suck Anymore

The best cargo shorts for men are ready for redemption. Remember that one roommate you hated in college, who loved kegstands and ICP in equal measure? And then you ran into him a few years later, and were shocked to discover he’d lost the beer belly and soul patch and had actually become a really good hang? That’s pretty much the deal with cargo shorts. Once the sole territory of bros with names like Chad and Xander—bulky and clunky in all the wrong ways—they’ve since been trimmed down and reconfigured into the stylish, streamlined staple they were always meant to be. Here are 17 new wave cargo shorts to rock right now, armed with the kind of flattering fits and practical pockets you can build a whole summer’s worth of looks around.

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