Bio-Oil® Harnesses the Power of Oil for Everyday Use with New Lightweight Body Lotion – Pynck

Bio-Oil® Harnesses the Power of Oil for Everyday Use with New Lightweight Body Lotion – Pynck

For most of us our busy lives mean that time is something we could always do with more of and when it comes to our daily skincare routines, time is not a luxury many of us have. This means that when moisturising our skin, we need a product that works fast and is effective, allowing us to get dressed straight away. Body lotions are a popular choice because they are light and easily absorbed, however, due to their high-water content they are typically less effective than creams and body butters at retaining the skin’s moisture level throughout the day. Creams, Body Butters and body oils on the hand are richer in texture and longer lasting, but they can take longer to be absorbed and can leave a greasy layer, making dressing immediately after application difficult.

With this in mind, Bio-Oil® wanted to create a body lotion that was ultra-light and easily absorbed, yet as effective at locking in moisture all day like traditional creams and body butters. They know that when it comes to deeply moisturising the skin, oil is vital and with the launch of their latest product, Bio-Oil® Body Lotion the skincare oil experts have created the perfect lightweight high-oil moistuiser for use on everyday dry skin.

In a user trial of Bio-Oil® Body Lotion, 95% of participants agreed that ‘the product is lighter than any moisturiser they have used before’ 1, yet with an oil content of 42%, its efficacy far exceeded traditional moisturisers who would typically have an oil content of approx. 20%.

Why is oil the best choice for moisturising our skin? Oil is a natural occlusive, and our skin’s natural oils form the protective top layer of our skin, controlling the amount of water lost through its surface. Everyday exposure to external elements, pollution, central heating and aircon can contribute to this water loss, meaning that our skin requires extra moisturisation to keep it balanced. Shea Oil, a base oil in Bio-Oil® Body Lotion, deeply moisturises and supplements this layer to lock in the added moisture all day.

The ultra-lightweight Bio-Oil® Body Lotion is absorbed quickly with 86% of participants agreeing that ‘after applying the product they were able to get dressed immediately’ 2. And with double the oil content of traditional moisturisers, a little goes a long way! If you are looking for a moisturiser that is effective, long-lasting and quickly absorbed, Bio-Oil® Body Lotion is the perfect choice for your everyday skincare needs. 91% of participants also agreed that ‘their skin feels smooth and silky the entire day’. 3


Available in two sizes, 175ml (€13.95) and 250ml (€17.95) Bio-Oil® Body Lotion is available in pharmacies nationwide, including , , and


Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil is a household name, developed in South Africa in 1987 and trusted globally for treating scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Celebrity fans include Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Kate Middleton. in Ancient Egypt, skincare oil was considered vital and not just to Pharaohs and the wealthy, workers were paid part of their salary in the form of oil to help restore skin after days working in the arid desert heat. The Egyptians knew what we know today, skin loves oil. With over 30 years of research and development, global industry leaders Bio-Oil® are experts in oil-based skin care. Our skin is waterproof, repelling water based and emollient moisturisers (some of which contain up to 70% water) when they make contact with the skin’s surface. Oil makes up the skin’s waterproof barrier and is essential to retaining moisture.

1,2,3 Ayton Global Research, United Kingdom. To assess the performance of Bio-Oil Body Lotion as a body moisturiser, 119 female participants aged 25—65 years old. A two-week, single-placement, in-home user trial where participants were instructed to apply product twice daily, morning and evening. Massaging into skin until fully absorbed. Three short questionnaires were completed: the first after initial application, the second after 12 hours, and the third after two weeks of using the product.


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