Best Premium Quality Fabrics| My Haul from Fabcurate

Best Premium Quality Fabrics| My Haul from Fabcurate

It has been a long time since I did a fashion post. I love shopping online and recently i stumbled into an awesome online fabric store- Fabcurate. They sell premium quality fabrics as well as scarves, sarees and others accessories. As I am a huge fan of scarves, I hauled them on Fabcurate and oh boy the quality is excellent. I have loads of scarves in my collection but the ones i got from Fabcurate are just AMAZING. If you are creative enough to make your own design or want to make something from fabric then Fabcurate is the one stop shop for you and I promise you would not regret. Fabcurate is based in Surat where you get the best fabrics!

The layout of Fabcurate is neat and easy to navigate. They have huge varieties of dupatta, scarves, stoles, laces, kaftan, apron, hair accessories, huge varieties of  various fabrics including men, women and home furnishing. They also have sarees, jackets, skirts etc. 

I chose to order scarves, apron and hair accessories and I must they have amazing quality. Everything was up to the par! Let’s check my haul 🙂


I ordered 5 scarves from Fabcurate and each piece is unique in its own way.

1. Purple stole Rs 499 BUY ONLINE

It is a beautiful and bright colored purple plain woven bhagalpuri stretchable cotton stole that can be worn on kurti or tops. The color and the fabric is just too good. It feels very comfortable and I just love wearing it on my white and black tops. 

2. Purple linen silk stole with tassles Rs 1299 BUY ONLINE

Although there was slight change in color when I saw it in person but believe me it’s so pretty. The fabric is lavender in color with beautiful silk tassels hanging. It has delicate embroidery and makes it look ethnic and Indian. The fabric is silk linen and looks great on kurtis and skirts. Make sure it has to be dry clean only!

3. Pink & yellow leheriya pattern digital print bemberg chiffon scarf with tassels Rs 599 BUY ONLINE

I got instantly flattered when i saw this beautiful rainbow scarf. It is made of chiffon and is super comfy to wear. It has become my fav scarf and i love wearing it on my white tops and blue/black jeans. Not only it is liked by me but also my lil daughter :0

4. Animal print scarf Rs 349 BUY ONLINE

It is made of georgette and has such superb finishing. It has animal print and looks great on western dresses. It also has tassles that makes it look delicate and attractive!

5. Leheriya pattern chiffon dupatta with tassels Rs 899 BUY ONLINE

I wore this dupatta as a stole last weekend and i got compliments from my friends and strangers. It looks so stylish and unique. It feels super light and you will not feel suffocated in any weather!

It was rainy day when we got photoshoot 🙂

Satin Scrunchies pack of 7 Rs 499 BUY ONLINE

I was planning to buy scrunchies for a long time and here they are. These scrunchies are made from satin and are very gentle to the hair. They feel extremely light and does not cause hair fall when you take them out of hair!

Cotton Kitchen Apron Rs 599 BUY ONLINE

Whenever I cook, I never forget to wear apron. An apron is a must have in my kitchen. I absolutely loved this blue cotton apron from Fabcurate. The fitting is good and feels comfortable whilst cooking.

Fabcurate is one of the best online platform to get premium and best quality fabrics. I tried lots of items from Fabcurate and all are just fabulous. If you love making your clothing or upholstery using fabrics or are looking for something unique then I highly recommend you to check Fabcurate!

Do you prefer getting fabrics to curate your own design? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!