Best Moisturizer for Dry, Acne prone skin!

Best Moisturizer for Dry, Acne prone skin!

By the title, you would know I have found my favorite moisturizer for dry, acne prone skin. My skin is no longer oily and I now face dryness on my face if I do not moisturize it properly. I have been using Cetaphil Dam Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for the last 3 months and this is my third tube. If you are having dry skin which is prone to acne then you might give it a try. It is a moisturizer that is non comedogenic, fragrance free and does not make skin oily.

Price- Rs 475 for 100g

I bought mine from a medical store. It’s available on all online shopping websites!

Cetaphil Dam Daily Hydrating Lotion comes in a cardboard box with all the information printed over it. The actual product comes in a squeezable tube which is very handy to travel. This is my third tube and I carry it with me whenever i go for traveling. 

The texture of the lotion is soft and smooth with creamy consistency. The fragrance is almost nil that I highly appreciate as I literally hate highly fragranced products. I use it once a day in the morning post shower on my clean face and i love how quickly it gets absorbed into the skin. It feels light yet very moisturizing and the best part does not feel greasy or oily at all. I have dry combination skin which is acne prone. Though I still suffer from acne due to change in water but mostly my skin is clear as it is non comedogenic.

Always remember using a right moisturizer for your skin type makes a huge difference. Your skin gets clear, glowing and youthful. So it is very necessary to use the right product for your skin. 

These days it is very important for me to use a sunblock so i layer sunscreen on Cetaphil Dam Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion and it does not make it feel heavy.

Also make sure to do not apply this lotion a lot all at once. A little goes a long way depending on your skin types!

Although I have not used Cetaphil moisturizer as a baby lotion on Anaaya but it is recommended by many pediatricians as told by my friends!


  • Non greasy.
  • Does not feel heavy on skin.
  • Absorbs in a jiff.
  • Does not breakout the skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin really well.
  • Works well in treating skin barriers.
  • Can be used day and night.
  • Great for normal to dry skin.
  • Non comedogenic.
  • Fragrance free!
  • Dermatologically tested!


  • No SPF. You need to use a sunblock.
  • Little pricey!

Overall Thoughts:

If your skin is my kind then i highly recommend you to try Cetaphil Dam Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion. It is one the best moisturizers I have used and it has become my HG! It does not breakout my skin and is completely safe for acne prone skin. I shall always repurchase it!

Have you tried Cetaphil products? Which one is your favorite?

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!