Best Chanel Face-Masks & Top 4 Mask Stores! Enhance Your Look With A Trendy Chanel Protective Mask – Her Style Code

Best Chanel Face-Masks & Top 4 Mask Stores! Enhance Your Look With A Trendy Chanel Protective Mask – Her Style Code

Chanel Face-Masks

Wearing a Chanel face mask is not only a great way to protect yourself from Covid and influenza; it’s also a great way to raise your style factor!

Face masks are set to be with us for a while yet, because although Covid restrictions are periodically raised, we still need to protect ourselves.

We are never sure what variant of the pandemic is coming next, and even though it’s a lot milder now most of us are vaccinated, it’s still a week or so off work.

And for some that means a loss of wages and a very unpleasant experience, plus the worrying chance that we’ll infect someone in our close family.

And personally, I don’t want to risk the aftermath of a Covid infection either, which can last for many months and in some cases leave permanent damage to your body.

Boost your fashion creds with a Chanel face mask

Chanel Face-Masks

So now we know that face masks are such a simple and effective way to protect ourselves and others from passing viruses around, the next question is how to make them a positive part of your fashion style!

You can continue to buy and wear disposable masks – but discarded disposables are creating a terrible problem for the planet.

Moreover, they look so basic and unfashionable and in the long term, they cost more than a washable, durable Chanel face mask.

So I would recommend the best label of all – get yourself a Chanel face mask that says you’re elegant, stylish and have great taste!

And if you like to want to look like an international trendsetter, you must have a Chanel face mask to make you appear wealthy and highlight your luxury style.

So if you’re ready to flaunt your fashion creds with a Chanel face mask this year, your next question should be, ‘Where can I buy one?’

Chanel isn’t selling its face masks through their luxury stores, but don’t worry, here are the best places to buy one or more of the thousands of Chanel-inspired face masks online!

And best of all, they are extremely affordable!

Where can you buy Chanel face masks?

Here are the top 4 stores to buy your stylish, new Chanel mask right now and be totally in fashion for this year!

1. Chanel Face Mask

Buy from Amazon online

Buy a black face mask with the iconic ‘double C’ Chanel logo and it will match whatever you wear.

It will look especially smart when teamed with a black and white outfit.

And best of all, this high-quality protective mask costs less than $9, so you can have more than one to wash and wear!

2. ‘Coco’ Logo Face Mask

Buy from Redbubble online

Redbubble is another store that carries a wide selection of Chanel logo face masks.

It’s an Australian retailer which gives independent artists and designers the chance to sell their creations in their store.

And that means that all of the Chanel face masks in this store have a wide variety of creative designs.

One of the most impactful masks has a large COCO logo along the front and features a Coco Chanel quotation:

‘I don’t do fashion – I am fashion!’

It’s another very affordable mask and there’s a discount if you buy 4 or more together!

3. Chanel Logo in Gold on Face Mask

Buy from Fine Art America online

This label offers the most glamorous Chanel-inspired face masks, and as one of the world’s largest art markets online, it has a fabulous variety.

Fine Art American masks are beautifully and creatively artistic, so if you enjoy distinctive and arty looks, you love what you find here!

The Chanel Black Gold Face Mask is our favorite and it’s also very affordably priced!

4. Hand-made Chanel Face Masks

Buy from Etsy online

Chanel face masks from Etsy are always unique and incredibly varied as this platform host the sales from small designers and skillful craftswomen.

Most items on Etsy are hand-made to a high-standard and give you the chance to buy elegant, fun or quirky Chanel face mask designs!

And another feature of Etsy is that they have plenty of talented seamstress/designers who will make a face mask from your choice of fabric, that’s completely tailored to your requirements!

So if you feel that you might as well embrace the continued use of face masks this year, why not browse these top 4 places for buy Coco Chanel inspired masks and give yourself a fashion boost!

Fabric face mask are easy to wash and wear many times, and as none of the above mask costs more than 2 cups of coffee, buying a smart-looking Chanel mask will save money on disposables and elevate your whole fashion look!

And to make up for having to hide your lovely red lips, take a tip from yashmak wearers and add more eye-liner, mascara and eye-shadow, so you can still get flirty when the need arises!

Here’s your chance to share your thoughts and opinions about Chanel face masks and face masks in general with the rest of the HerStyleCode community!

1. Are you still wearing disposable masks or have you switched to more fashionable styles?

2. Do you believe that masks help to cut the rate of infection for Covid, colds and influenza?

3. What’s your favorite fabric style for your own masks?

4. Will you be switching to a stylish Coco Chanel face mask?

Thanks for all your comments – your personal experiences are so helpful to other HerStyleCode readers!