Artist Kyès Reimagines Today’s Legends in a Historical Light

Artist Kyès Reimagines Today’s Legends in a Historical Light

One of Instagram’s most anonymous creators is making noise on Instagram for depicting modern day stars before social media, the internet or even cameras were even a thing! French artist Kyès revisits the Napoleon era with a twist through classicalism and digital illustration by replacing the faces of age old nobles and royalty with contemporary celebrities and household names!

The result is quite frankly an outright success as the online response has been of mammoth caliber! Today, Kyès is well on his way to garnering a following of 100,000 fans and supporters on his instagram page for his impressive body of work. He has secured collaboration with recording artists on album art and various brands for merch!

These viral images of Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen Latifa, Ice Cube, Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, A$AP Rocky and a whole plethora of others have been circulating our feeds, all dressed in periodically accurate attire! Check out some of our favourites and tell us what you think…

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