9 Of The Best Hair Oil For Men (2022 Edition) | FashionBeans

9 Of The Best Hair Oil For Men (2022 Edition) | FashionBeans

Does rubbing oil in your hair post-shampoo sound counterproductive? Maybe, but don’t jump to conclusions. We’re not here to turn you into a greaseball. Being slippery isn’t what the best hair oil for men is all about. It’s a grooming hack like none other, and it’s guaranteed to up your hair game.

The best hair oil for men s a sure-fire way to get an attractive shine on your regular do. A small amount adds a healthy luster to your natural look. Or you could totally change things up and go with a hunkey new slick-back style.

Then there are my dry-skinned guys. Don’t put off the extra step in your hair-care routine. It’s worth it. Take it from one of the driest scalps in Philadelphia; the best hair oil for men will change your life. It will lead you to victory over chronic dryness.

You also don’t need to stress about finding the right oil. We’ve got your back; we put together a list of the best hair oil for men, so you don’t have to dig through Amazon (like we did). Choose wisely and enjoy taking your hair health to the next level.

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Of all the many types of oils and brands that bottle them, Moroccanoil Treatment is the best hair oil for men overall. Moroccanoil is used to hyper-charge any hair lacking sheen and calms flyaways and frizz with ease. It also has a mild, pleasant scent. 

The key ingredient that makes it work so well is a hair care superhero: Argan oil. It’s not the last time you’ll see Argan oil on this list, and that’s because it is arguably the most versatile oil for hair treatment. It works so well because it’s richer than other oils in linoleic and oleic fatty acids, and it’s packed with Vitamin E.

They claim it increases shine by up to 118%. It’s an oddly specific number, but I guess that makes it seem more believable.

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Linseed Extract | Size: 3.4 fl oz | Hair Type: All hair types

What we like

  • Argan Oil + LinseedOil = 118% better shine 
  • Over 40,000 five star Amazon reviews (seriously)
What we don’t like

  • We love everything about it

The fear of thinning hair keeps many men up at night. We’re not too proud to say we’ve fallen victim to that time-honored terror. Being bald is fine, but there’s nothing wrong with holding on to your sweet mane as long as you can. If you’re fighting to keep what hair you have healthy (and maybe win some strands back), this is the best hair oil for men (or maybe just you).

Jojoba oil is unique because it absorbs into pores cleaner than others and leaves behind no buildup. This strengthens the pores and promotes growth in spots that struggle otherwise. What makes Kate Blanc’s Jojoba excellent is that it’s 100% pure and unrefined. This Jojoba is the best hair oil for men you’ll find for stimulating hair growth.

Ingredients: 100% Jojoba Oil | Size: 2 fl oz | Hair Type: Thinning & Dry Hair 

What we like

  • Best for hair growth
  • Great for skin & nail health too
What we don’t like

  • Not the best for other uses

Verb Ghost Oil might be your best hair oil for men if you have afro-textured hair. Moringa seed oil is known as one of the best for this hair type, and the added benefits of bamboo extract and soy proteins only ramp up the performance. 

They call this blend “weightless” because it doesn’t drag your hair down or leave it looking damp. It locks in moisture and doesn’t ease up, so you won’t have to worry about dried-up frizz throughout the day. It’s so light that it feels like there’s nothing. You know, like a ghost. 

Ingredients: Moringa Seed Oil, Bamboo Extract, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein | Size: 2 fl oz | Hair Type: Tight Curls/Textured Hair

What we like

  • “Weightless” design
  • Perfect for afro-textured manes
What we don’t like

  • Not the best for everyone

Just because it’s called Herstyler doesn’t mean it’s for her only. This hair repair serum beats many leading competitors without breaking a sweat. Since it’s focused on repairing hair, not just fighting dryness and conditioning, it’s perfect for guys who have been severely neglecting their mop.

The serum is a great option if you live in an extra humid place. If the summer heat turns your hair into a terrifying frizz monster, this specialized hair serum might be for you. The potent mixture includes the current holy grail of hair health, Argan oil. It also has Aloe vera and Vitamin E, among other excellent ingredients. Best of all, it’s excellent for hair types from straight to curly. It helps a wide range of buyers. 

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E | Size: 2 fl oz | Hair Type: Dry hair 

What we like

  • Both Repairs and moisturizes 
  • Vitamin E heals damaged follicles
What we don’t like

  • Not the best for afro-textured hair

Argan oil is the consensus best hair oil for men these days. It’s not a jack of all trades; it’s a master. Argan takes everything the other oils do, i.e., moisturizing, healing scalp, adding shine, and does it better with less product needed. 

What Kate Blanc produces is 100% pure, no-frills Argan oil. 100% Argan isn’t as potent as it can be with some key added ingredients but still performs better than its competitors. 

A package like this is excellent for making your own oils. There are plenty of blends to try, and come up with an award-winning Argan oil serum tailored just for you. There are some excellent Argan oil-based hair treatments out there, but this bottle is best if you want the pure stuff.

Ingredients: 100% Argan Oil | Size: 4 fl oz | Hair Type: All Types 

What we like

  • Best of the pure oils 
  • Perfect as a serum base
What we don’t like

  • Not always as good as Argan blends

Listen, coconut oil isn’t the best hair oil for men on the market. That being said, it still ticks all the hair oil boxes and is probably the best smelling. I mean, who can be in a bad mood when they smell like delicious coconuts? There might be more effective products on the market, but the quality of olfactory life this oil provides can’t be beaten. 

Coco & Co.’s oil is as pure as pure can be. They claim their unique extraction method makes it 1000x purer than their competition. That seems like a classic exaggeration, but people love it, so who are we to argue.

Ingredients: Pure Organic Coconut Oil | Size: 2 fl oz | Hair Type: All hair 

What we like

  • Smelling the island vibrations
  • 1000% more pure than other brands

Castor hair oil is so old that Cleopatra supposedly used it to tame her royal tresses. That hasn’t stopped the ancient cure-all remedy from building more hype than ever in the past few years. 

Jamaican Black Castor oil is what kickstarted the hibernating castor oil hype train. Rumors and anecdotal evidence spread that the coffee-colored Jamaican Black worked better than the plain stuff. Jamaican Black Castor is processed differently; the roasting leads to an ash buildup (hence the color) and anti-fungal properties that are said to heal a struggling scalp. 

Of the many companies making Jamaican Black, Tropic Isle is our favorite. They’ve had a solid reputation since 1992, they’re affordable, and they have more 5-star reviews on Amazon than Cleopatra has years in the after-life. A lot more. 

Ingredients: Jamaican Black Castor Oil | Size: 8 oz | Hair Type: All types

What we like

  • Heals hair, nails, skin, feet, everything
  • Cleopatra used it 
What we don’t like

  • Hype not scientifically proven  

Curl Milk might sound like a workout supplement, but don’t be fooled. Maui Moisture created a key player in the best hair oil for men market, especially for men with curly haircuts. This hair oil is a mixture of coconut oil to hydrate, papaya butter to smooth, and aloe vera to de-frizz.

It’s the Three Musketeers of curly hair, a savior that curly-haired folks can genuinely rely on to detangle, hydrate, and reinforce their luscious locks. Just don’t expect it to be the best for all hair types.

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Papaya Butter, Plumeria Extract | Size: 8 fl oz | Hair Type: Thick, Curly hair 

What we like

  • Specially formulated for curly hair
  • Love the name “curl milk”
What we don’t like

  • Also kind of hate the name “curl milk”

Everybody and their dog has heard the name Garnier Fructis. Garnier has been one of the biggest names in grooming since 1904, and this product definitely lives up to that fame. This anti-frizz serum boasts 72 hours of frizz control in up to 97% humidity. We don’t know how they got those numbers, but they’re pretty damn impressive if you ask us.

This serum contains the hair oil MVP of this article, Argan oil, and a helping of Kera-System+. We don’t know what Kera-System+ is, but it does sound nice.

 If anti-frizz is what you’re looking for, this is the best hair oil for men and potentially could be your new best friend. 

Ingredients: Kera-System+, Argan oil | Size: 5.1 fl oz | Hair Type: Frizzy hair 

What we like

  • Protects in 97% humidity 
  • 72-hour frizz control
What we don’t like

  • What exactly is Kera-System+, Garnier?

What To Look For In The Best Hair Oil For Men

Hair type

To know which of the best hair oils for men you need, start with your hair type. You probably know what your hair type is, at least partially. It’s common sense whether you have afro-textured, curly, wavy, or straight. You also need to determine if your hair is naturally dry or greasy. 

If your hair becomes a crispy, frizzy mess within hours of showering, it’s pretty dry. If you look like you’re auditioning for Grease after a day at the office, you probably don’t need any help staying hydrated. Always know your hair type before buying.


Ingredients make a big difference in the care your best hair oil for men will provide. It’s safe to assume that most hair oils for men will positively impact dry and frizzy hair, but ingredients act differently depending on the person. Not all are great for thick or curly hair, so guys, make sure you’re paying attention while reading the guide above.

Guys with sensitive skin, especially if you react to an ingredient, take note of what it is and shop around it. There is a perfect hair oil for everyone; if you don’t love the first one you try, give different formulas a shot. 

Hair needs

If you don’t know what you need, think of any hair problems you’ve had. Has it been too dry? Hair oil for men does wonders for dry hair and scalp. Find your hair looking thin and frumpy? There’s a volumizing formula out there calling your name. 

Nail down (or comb down) what problem you need to solve as you read this guide to choose your best hair oil for men.


    • The best oil for hair growth is Kate Blanc’s Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth. The Jojoba oil absorbs cleaner than anything else, so it doesn’t leave any pore-clogging residue. That, coupled with the repairing and moisturizing elements, makes Kate Blanc’s Jojoba oil the best hair oil for men’s hair growth.

      • The best coconut oil for hair is Coco & Co. coconut oil. It has the purest refinement of any coconut oil on the market. The company claims it is 1000x more pure than their competitors, but we’ll leave that distinction up to you.

        • Moroccanoil Treatment is the overall best hair oil for men. It has argan oil, linseed oil, and a few other vital ingredients, and it’s as good as a hair oil gets. Argan oil is the star of the show here, but the additives turn it into a true powerhouse of men’s hair health. 

          If you’re looking for the best hair oil for men money can buy, look no further than Moroccanoil Treatment.

          • The best oil for dry hair is Herystyler Hair Repair Serum. This serum not only conditions dry hair, but it repairs broken down strands and split ends. It’s great for everything from straight to curly hair, so most people with dry and damaged hair will love this product. If you’ve been neglecting your hair care, this is probably the best hair oil for you.