8 Unique Things You Never Knew About Gingers

8 Unique Things You Never Knew About Gingers

Less than 2% of the world’s population has naturally red hair. Millions of women use dyes and hennas to try to mimic the look of natural ginger with withering results, since it’s not just the color of the hair that gives gingers a unique look.

When you consider the relatively small genetic pool that contains the world’s redheads, there are bound to be some unique characteristics that go beyond the simple color of the hair. While the media and entertainment business have demonized those with red hair thanks to shows like South Park, most people admire them and hold only curiosity.

For example, while a bit crass, one of the most common queries referring to gingers is “Do people with red hair have red pubes?” Each redhead is different, and there is no standard answer to questions of that nature. However, most redheads do carry some similarities. Let’s take a closer look at some interesting things that you probably never knew about gingers. 

Likely Lefties

Only about 10 % of the population is left-handed. Once you pair this fact with the low percentage of natural redheads, it seems unlikely that many gingers would be left-handed, but it’s true. While there is limited scientific evidence to support this claim, it seems that a remarkably large percentage of gingers are left-handed. 

How does this happen? It’s all about recessive genes. Being redheaded is a recessive gene that you must inherit from both of your parents, as is being left-handed. The odds may seem unlikely except for the fact that recessive genes are often found in pairs. This means that the likelihood of having red hair and being lefty is not as unlikely as you would think.

Skin Cancer

One of the most serious drawbacks of being ginger is your susceptibility to developing skin cancer. The milky-tone skin that is the trademark of many gingers is at a higher risk to contain fewer defenses against damage from the sun. It is also believed that the presence of the MC1R recessive gene that is present in many skin cancer patients may be more prominent in redheads. Due to this sensitivity, it’s best for redheads to protect themselves appropriately from sun damage. 

Smell Sweet

Gingers already have superior hair tones, adorable freckles, and the most beautiful skin tone, but did you know that they smell better than most too? Every human has their own natural musky smell that is produced by a combination of hormonal oils and pheromones and redheads are known to be especially gifted with a pleasant combination. 

Many gingers have a natural scent that is found on the microscopic skin layer called the mantle, which is slightly acidic. This differing level of acid on the skin makes fragrances and colognes smell different, particularly more rich. Many people claim that their redhead friends always seem to smell better than anyone else. 

Satisfying Sex

A study done by sex researcher Dr. Werner Habermehl found that redheads are more satisfied in bed than any other woman of different hair colors. The study primarily found that gingers have more active and rewarding sex lives than other women. While the science behind this claim is still being studied, it can be said that gingers are most definitely getting the most out of their time in the sack. 

The higher rates of sexual activity may be due to a hormonal difference in redheaded women, but it’s more likely to be due to sociological reasons. Redheads have been pursued and adored for hundreds of years and this intrigue may be what is behind the heightened arousal and sexual activity. 

Never Gray

Men and women spend millions of dollars every year trying to cover their gray hair, but gingers rarely have to deal with this common problem of natural aging. Very few gray hairs can be spotted on a natural redhead of advanced years. In fact, natural gingers tend to experience a gradual lightening of the red tones in their hair as they age. They will slowly transition from a deep auburn towards something more medium in-depth, to a strawberry blonde tone to silvery white. 

Less Hair

You may tend to think that most redheads have a tone of hair, but that is not generally the case. If you were to count the single hairs on the head of ginger, they have fewer strands than average compared to others with blonde, brown, or black hair. The reason behind the lushness of red hair is generally the individual thickness of the strands along with the tendency towards curling. The natural wave or curl of red hair tends to display a more voluminous look. 

Vitamin D Producers

It is recommended that gingers do what they can to protect their pale skin from the sun. Known to burn easily, most gingers go out of their way to cover up when they are exposed to the sun. However, a lack of natural sunlight which is the primary source of vitamin D could cause a deficiency in normal people; but not redheads. Gingers have the ability to produce enough vitamin D in their own bodies to help them fight off diseases and deficiencies like diabetes and arthritis

Few and Far Between

When you meet someone with naturally red hair and blue eyes, you have found the rarest combination of coloring in the world. When you consider that only 17% of all people have blue eyes, and redheads only account for 2% of the total world population, finding a redhead with blue eyes is incredibly rare to the amount of 0.17%. Most gingers have brown eyes, with a smaller number having green eyes, but blue eyes are something that is scarce.

If you have always admired or desired people with red hair and weren’t sure why it could be because of their unique beauty and mysticism. For gingers out there that believe their coloring to be a curse, take a look at a few of these advantages and embrace your redness.